When looking for home security, many people will compare and contrast home security providers. When searching for the differences between Protect America and Time Warner Cable Intelligent Home’s security offerings, it might seem like there isn’t very much difference between home security providers. However, there are a lot of differences between the two.

Protect America is a company that focuses solely on home security and life safety. We have a large customer base, a wealth of experience, and quality yet affordable equipment. We have been in the home security industry for over 20 years and have since perfected the entire home security process so that it is affordable, customizable and simple for our beloved customers. Time Warner Cable (TWC) is an American cable telecom company and remains the second largest provider of cable broadband in the United States.


In the late 1940s, entrepreneurs using simple antennas and Army-surplus coaxial cable created the country’s first cable television systems and revolutionized the way Americans watched TV. Believe it or not, Time Warner Cable has dipped into the home security market even though it has nothing to do with their current business model. Their home security system, Intelligent Home, was announced in 2013 and has since been collecting customers. But considering the relationship you have with your current internet/cable provider, do you really want to give them even more control over your life?

Protect America vs. TWC Pricing

Time Warner Cable’s Intelligent Home security system will cost you about $34 a month for the basic system. There are of course more expensive Time Warner Cable packages, but the for this example we will only be comparing the basic package. Additionally, you’ll also pay about $200 in up-front costs to get your system up and running. To be qualified for TWC’s Intelligent Home system, you must subscribe to the company’s broadband Internet service. Essentially the advertised Time Warner internet prices at $33.99 per month almost doubles when considering internet service pricing. Many customers have complained about Time Warner’s unclear advertising and bundling packages, However this doesn’t stop them. Time Warner Cable is a publicly held corporation, meaning stockholders own them rather than having one or a few owners. Because of this, Time Warner Cable is focused on increasing profit rather than customer service. One way they do this is by increasing your monthly monitoring or Internet rates mid-contract. So be wary of selecting Time Warner Cable packages, because they tend to add a lot of hidden fees.

At Protect America, you are guaranteed locked-in rates for the life of your agreement. This means we will never increase your monthly price mid-contract. We also have free installation, free starter equipment, and excellent customer service. We also offer a different package and monitoring option for every price point, unlike TWC.

If you are an existing customer of Time Warner Cable the pressing question is, “Is it worth it to bundle the home security service into my existing contract or seek out a third-party home security provider?” It is definitely convenient to bundle the home security service from Time Warner Cable into your existing account; however, that convenience comes with a price tag. Time Warner Cable home security equipment and monitoring services are similarly priced to other professionally installed companies with similar contract lengths.


The Protect America Promise

At Protect America, we offer several promises along with our products. First, we offer a lowest price guarantee. That means that if TWC suddenly starts to offer home security at or lower than our prices, we’ll match them. Speak to one of our security consultants for more information. Second, we offer no equipment fees. With TWC, you’re going to spend more and get less. Finally, Protect America offers lifetime replacement plans for all of its equipment. That means that as long as you’re a member of the Protect America family, we’ll fix or replace your home security equipment. Time Warner won’t offer you that. Protect your home and your wallet with Protect America.