Many people do comparisons before choosing a company that will be providing long-term services. Home security is an excellent example of this type of company, especially if you are interested in the benefits of professional monitoring. Both Protect America and Vivint are large companies that have multiple options and price points. However, there are striking differences between them. You may think that home security providers don’t differ much in service. When you take a closer look, you can see that there are some very compelling differences that might influence your buying decision. Before you choose a home security, do a comparison! In this post, we will discuss the differences between Protect America vs. Vivint Home Security.

Protect America vs. Vivint’s Customer Service

A quick search on the Internet will show you that Vivint has pretty terrible customer reviews. While they claim to have an emphasis on comprehensive customer support, their actions prove otherwise. Vivint’s deceptive sales practices have resulted in some legal action recently. Last year alone, Vivint faced a federal lawsuit that has been filed as class action for allegations regarding violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). While Vivint denies these claims, they have agreed to a $6 million settlement to avoid the expense of going to trial. If that doesn’t speak volumes, perhaps their F-rating on the Better Business Bureau does. 

On the other hand, Protect America has award-winning customer service. For example, in Consumer Affairs magazine, Protect America has over a 4 star rating  on over 1100 reviews. For a more industry-specific view, the security publication Best Home Security Companys gives Protect America a 9.6/10 rating.

Protect America vs. Vivint’s Pricing

I you take a glance at Vivint’s website, you will see that they are fairly transparent about their pricing. This is a good for customers to see the minimum price of what they might be paying prior to making a call. However, Vivint is extremely expensive compared to what most other home security companies are charge for their services. For the most basic package, Vivint charges $53.99 for monitoring. On top of this, they charge for installation, activation and equipment. The average up-front cost for Vivint customers is quoted at $99. Vivint also requires a longer than average contract period. Do you really want to be locked into a 42- 60 month contract, which is years longer than other offers on the market? 

On the other hand, Protect America values affordability and providing a price point for every wallet. With monitoring starting at $19.99, all of your start-up equipment is free and yours to keep after the 36-month agreement ends. We only do guided DIY installation, which is also free. So you won’t have to take off work or set aside hours of your precious time to have an installation crew come to your house. Protect America provides the flexibility to install your system on your own terms with the help of our security technicians.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many differences when it comes to the pricing and services of different home security companies. At Protect America, we offer several promises along with our products and services. We offer a lowest price guarantee, meaning that if Vivint starts to offer home security at or lower than our prices, we’ll match them! We also honor a price-lock guarantee, meaning that our rates will never increase mid-contract. Additionally, Protect America has lifetime replacement plans for all your home security equipment. It is clear Vivint is not interested in customization or affordability. Protect your home and your wallet with Protect America!