Protection 1 and a number of other companies all provide monitored home security services. They charge for these on a monthly basis, and require a contract from the homeowner for a period of time. There are also generally charges for the monitoring equipment, and for the installation itself. So there may be fees that a customer isn’t expecting. It’s important to understand how much the service will cost — and a homeowner will want to get a full, final price before they sign on that dotted line. Once the contract is signed, it’s not easy to get out of it without fees and hassle, so making sure it’s right from the beginning matters.


Protection 1 Offers Value To Customers

Having good value is very important for homeowners who are interested in monitored home protection. But value isn’t the only thing to consider. There’s also a component of value, which is the price.

That price needs to seem fair, or customers won’t even take a look at whether they’re getting a good value. Instead, they’ll simply see the price, decide that it’s too high, and move on to another company with a lower price. That doesn’t mean they’ll get a better value, though, because that depends on what they’re actually receiving for the price they’re asked to pay.

With Protection 1, customers are asked to pay approximately $30 to $45 per month for monitoring. Some people feel that’s too high, but for most customers that’s a fair price to pay as long as they see the value that they’re getting in monitoring, protection, and peace of mind.

Paying a Price for Protection 1

It’s not possible to get monitored home security with no monthly fee. Customers have to spend money to be protected, which makes sense. But the price that Protection 1 is asking for when it comes to that monitoring is a fair one according to many of their customers. Most people seem to like the company, and they seem to feel like they’re getting the protection and peace of mind they really want and need from a company. There will always be some customers who aren’t happy, of course, because that’s the case with every company. It’s not possible to please all the people all the time.


Selecting the Right Alarm Company

Choosing the best alarm company for a particular homeowner’s needs is vital for the peace of mind and protection that the company should provide. When looking for a new alarm company, homeowners should consider:

  • 24/7 monitoring ability
  • reliable protection
  • fast response times
  • ease of installation
  • fair pricing
  • good customer service
  • a reasonable contract term

For any homeowner, getting a company that offers all of that shouldn’t be difficult — but sometimes it can be. Homeowners with very large homes may find that they have to pay a little bit more than they expected, but they may also find that they get good protection over a large coverage area. It’s all down to what each homeowner really needs.

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