Protection 1 has earned a solid reputation as one of the nation’s largest providers of home security for families since 1988, notes A Secure Life. Known for taking no safety precautions for granted, it is easy to see why the company has enjoyed such longevity in a competitive market. 


What Some of Protection 1’s Service Offerings?

Protection 1 offers a wide range of protective services for customers, encompassed by four distinct packages:

  • Secure. This first and most basic package is actually a solid plan for homeowners and renters who want basic security, including intrusion protection, 24/7 alarm monitoring, and fire, carbon monoxide and water protection. Understanding the essentials of home security, such as ensuring high-quality 24/7 video monitoring, is the benchmark of effective protection for residents and their valuables.
  • Secure+. This package includes everything from the Secure level and adds 2-way voice security, instantly connecting the customer with a Protection 1 representative.
  • Smart Control. Easily the most popular package, Smart Control takes security to the next level while building on Secure and Secure+ levels. This level adds some of the most critical elements of smart home controls, including image motion sensor, interactive control and energy automation for thermostat, doors, lighting and garage door.
  • Video The Video package covers it all and then some. At this level, everything from previous levels is included, but Protection 1 adds an indoor night-vision camera so they don’t miss a thing.

What Are the Prices and Terms for Protection 1 Service Packages?

Protection 1 regularly charges $34.99 per month for Secure, $44.99 for Secure+, $49.99 for Smart Control and $54.99 for Video.

Each package requires a 36-month monitoring contract that does not include the company’s limited warranty. 

Protection 1 Reviews 2018

While everything looks good on paper for Protection 1, it is always helpful to take a look at industry expert and customer reviews to get a more realistic perspective on any home security company. 


For starters, Protection 1 has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for the past 15 consecutive years. Part of the stellar rating comes primarily from its highly polished customer service, which features 1 or 2 ring pickup policy to make sure customers know their call is crucial. 

Customers have plenty of good things to say about Protection 1, as well. One customer reported:

I love it ! For the first time in years, I can sleep in my bed and not on the couch because of the fear of someone coming into my home and causing harm to my grandsons who live with me. It was very easy to install.

Most customers appreciate the high level of customer service, industry experience, expert installation and the new self-installation option. Consumer Affairs also cites customers’ appreciation for the ability to customize their home security plan.

On the downside, customers have noted that the equipment and monitoring do come at a steep price while others have reported the lack of resolution for contract, billing and cancellation issues. 

Are You Still Looking for the Right Home Security Company?

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