If you’re looking to compare Protection One to Protect America, you might be thinking that both companies offer similar security services. However, home security companies can be very different in the services they provide. Contract length, prices, warranty, flexibility and customization are all important factors to consider when in the hunt for a home security system. We’ve gathered some of the major differences to help you make an informed decision about your home security provider.


Protection 1 vs. Protect America Prices

According to Best Home Security Companies, Protection One’s lowest tiered system will cost you about $24.99. This isn’t a bad price. However, according to another reviewing website, they can charge up to $54 a month for home security monitoring. Protect America can promise you quality equipment for monitoring as low as $19.99 a month. While both Protect America and Protection One advertise zero installation fees, a quick search on the Internet will tell you that customers have had to pay large fees in the past for Protection One installation.

Protect America not only offers free installation, but all of your start-up equipment is free also! Simply choose a package that corresponds with your desired monthly payment and they rest is included!

Protection 1 vs. Protect America Warranty

Protection One offers customer support by phone or e-mail. You can also contact a representative through live chat. You might be contacting them more than you would like, because when it comes to online information – there simply isn’t enough. You might find a few FAQs only, which is completely insufficient information when you are researching which company to choose. You can also purchase a warranty, which will cost you some extra cash each month. There is a catch. In case your devices break during the normal usage, you won’t get the full cost covered. You will only get a discount on the repair services.

Not the warranty you expected? Consider choosing Protect America for your security needs, where a lifetime warranty/replacement plan is guaranteed.

Protection 1 vs. Protect America Contracts

Similar to a phone or cable company, Protection One can raise your monthly rates mid-contract without even notifying you. This customer wrote:

Protection One is raising the monthly rate again on their monitoring, they say they held off as long as possible, but it seems like they are always raising the rates.

There have been many complaints in addition to the above, stating that Protection One seems to increase rates every three to six months without notice. With a 36-month contract, your bill could potentially increase over $10 before the end of it. At Protect America, you are promised a locked-in rate for the life of your agreement.


 The Bottom Line

The Protect America advantage is unlike any other. We believe peace of mind is priceless, but it should be affordable nonetheless. No installation, equipment or activation fees. We are so confident that our home security offers are the most affordable, we’ll put money on it! If another company does manage to beat our price, we’ll match their offer. That’s our Lowest Price Guarantee! Defend your home and your wallet with Protect America.

At Protect America, we understand that home security can be a confusing topic. Call today to speak with a home security consultant and learn what’s the best solution for your needs. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated!