Protection One Home Security offers monitored security systems for homeowners. Homeowners these days are more concerned with their security than ever before, and Protection One’s security packages offer a complete suite of features to protect your home. Here’s what you need to know about what this company has to offer.


Protection from Burglars

In most cases, the key factor that homeowners are looking for in a security system is protection from intruders, and Protection One provides this protection. For starters, you’ll get sensors on all of the doors and windows on the ground level. This way, you’ll be alerted if anyone tries to gain access to your home from the outside. You also have the option of adding on glass breakage sensors, providing an extra layer of protection.

The key factor that homeowners are looking is protection from intruders, and Protection One provides this protection.

In addition to the entry sensors, you’ll also get motion detectors equipped with cameras. In the event that a motion detector is triggered, the camera will send you a color photo of the event for your review. This way, you can see what triggered the sensor to determine if further action is needed. You don’t need to worry about your pets falsely triggering the system either, as the sensors are programed to ignore animals under 40 pounds.

Protection One monitors your security system 24 hours a day as well and can respond to any incidents if you are unavailable. Any time your security system is triggered, a security agent will get in touch with you to verify that you are alright and to dispatch a security guard if needed. The agent will also alert the proper authorities, like police and fire fighters, if they are unable to reach you.

Protection from Other Disasters

Intruders aren’t the only security concern for your home; you also want to have confidence that you are protected against natural disasters and other emergencies. Of course, there is no way to prevent a natural disaster from happening, but it can do wonders for your peace of mind to know what is going on with your home while you are away.

With Protection One’s complete home security package, you’ll receive alerts whenever a natural disaster, like a hurricane, tornado or wildfire, is approaching your property. This gives you plenty of time to make any necessary preparations and evacuate if needed. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can alert your local fire department right away if something goes wrong, even if you are asleep or out of town.

Finally, Protection One’s system incorporates leak detection capabilities. There is nothing worse than going away on vacation, only to come home and find your house flooded due to a burst pipe. Early leak detection can help you address the problem quickly, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on repairing water damage. The system can even detect when any of your pipes are getting close to bursting so you can stop the problem before it happens.


Home Automation Services

In addition to home security, Protection One also offers home automation services. This allows you to control a variety of aspects of your home remotely. Protection One’s smart home options include:

  • Security lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Thermostat controls
  • Door locks
  • And more!

With all of these added features, you can manage everything in your home from a single app on your smartphone or computer. Not only does this provide unparalleled convenience, but it can also help you save a lot of money on your energy costs over time. Even if you forget to lock your doors or reset the thermostat before you go out of town, you’ll have access to your system from anywhere with an internet connection, letting you adjust everything as needed, no matter where you are.

Find Out More About Monitored Home Security

At Protect America, we are committed to helping homeowners across the country with their monitored home security needs. Our associates are experts in this area and can help you identify the features that matter most to you and your family. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about security systems, monitoring and equipment to help you make an educated decision about what is best for you. Fill out our quote request form today for a free estimate. You’ll be glad you did.