Protection One is a company that was founded in 1988. They provide professionally monitored security equipment for homes and small businesses. Similar to competitors, Protection One offers a decent range of security equipment. However, they fall short in a few areas. Warranty, technical support, increasing contract rates, sly sales tactics, lack of response and transparency are only a few of Protection One’s shortcomings.


Support and Warranty

Protection One offers customer support by phone or e-mail. You can also contact a representative through live chat. You might be contacting them more than you would like, because when it comes to online information – there simply isn’t enough. You might find a few FAQs only, which is completely insufficient information when you are researching which company to choose. You can also purchase a warranty, which will cost you some extra cash each month. There is a catch. In case your devices break during the normal usage, you won’t get the full cost covered. You will only get a discount on the repair services.

Not the warranty you expected? Consider choosing Protect America for your security needs, where a lifetime warranty is guaranteed.

Protection One will increase your rates mid-contract

Similar to a phone or cable company, Protection One can raise your monthly rates mid-contract without even notifying you. This customer wrote: “Protection One is raising the monthly rate again on their monitoring, they say they held off as long as possible, but it seems like they are always raising the rates.” There have been many complaints in addition to the above, stating that Protection One seems to increase rates every three to six months without notice. With a 36-month contract, your bill could potentially increase over $10 before the end of it. At Protect America, you are promised a locked-in rate for the life of your agreement.

Predatory Practices

Many unhappy consumers have reported frustration with the pushy sales tactics used by Protection One. This recent complaint stated:

I have called the main company number and requested they not stop by my house again. I am also going to contact my local police to report this. There may be nothing they can do, but it’s the principle. Because of this shady and irritating sales tactic, I will never even consider their service if I ever want a monitored security system. I instantly write off anyone who uses lies and high pressure to try to sell me something. Some people may fall for that but not me.


Protection One, Protecting None

Another review by a Protection One customer warned:

Do not use this company they make it impossible to cancel their service and will send you to collections, for large automatic renewing contract cancellation. The worst part is when I had the service I was robbed but because of a faulty install and old equipment the alarm did not even go off.

Here’s another example of Protection One’s failure to protect someone’s home in the event of a burglary:

After paying over $2,000.00 to have our home wired during construction for Protection One’s alarm service AND paying monthly monitoring fees for 4 1/2 years, they failed to call police while my home was being robbed!

To own and continually pay monthly bills on a home security system that fails to prevent an incident is absolutely unacceptable, especially when one third of all residential assaults are a result of a burglary. When it comes to home security monitoring, you want a company that can provide a plan that fits your needs. Protect America offers a number of customizable and affordable packages with no upfront costs to accommodate you. Choose a home security company you can trust!