Protection One home security company is a full security service company that provides surveillance camera, installation and monitoring of both residential, integrated systems as well as businesses. The company offers you many options including a cellular line or the wireless standard that monitors over a broadband connection. One awesome aspect of their security cameras is their monitoring and accessibility capabilities. Protection One prides themselves on their quality customer services without automated telephone systems. The following are some of the things to know about the company.

Multiple Package Options

Protection One home security Company offers several packages to their clients from state-to-art home automation, which uses a cellular signal that can be customized from a smartphone device to the basic house security which requires a landline telephone. There is also a new DIY system available for those clients interested in self-installation.


Safety Net

Intruders and burglars are by no means the only security challenge to you, your property and family. That is why only the best security systems can help you by alerting you prior so that you prepare when environmental hazards occur since they cannot prevent them from occurring. These security systems will alert you in time when extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes, fire or storms are approaching for you to take the safety precautions required.

Additionally, There is a smoke alarm that detects heat and carbon monoxide. The two are controlled centrally so should an alarm go off, even when you are away or asleep, fast responders will be quickly sent to your house to contain the situation.

If by any chance a client is burglarized and suffers a great loss or damage by fire or floods, the company pays for the home insurance if deductible.

State-of-the-art Technology

Protection One home security company also helps you control appliances, door locks, lighting, or even temperature controls. You can even check how your loved ones are doing with their video features. You can control all your alarms using your computer or phone.

Alternatively, you can customize your home alarm system to send you email notifications when something happens, such as alarm being turned off or certain doors being opened or closed. Protection one gives you a peace of mind when they help you manage house energy consumption to reduce cost and waste. This can be done by controlling your thermostat, appliances and lighting when you forget to put them off wherever you are.


Secure Move

This means that if a customer decides to move while still in the middle of the company’s contract, Protection One will install another new system in the new home for the client at a minimal activation fee.

Other features offered by this particular company include:

  • A motion detector
  • Yard sign
  • Alerts on extreme changes in weather and flooding
  • Three window stickers
  • Three door and window sensors
  • Fire and carbon monoxide monitoring
  • A keypad control panel
  • A keychain remote

There are many advantages with regards to a monitored security system compared to a non-monitored system. A monitored security system which includes a stand-alone camera guarantees you and your property safety every time and responds to emerging issues like fire or burglary quickly, unlike unmonitored security system which is unreliable since most of them do not have alarms.

Problems with Protection One

Although Protection One seems to have a fairly competitive base-fee, that price is for a land line system which is very out of date. Instead, their wireless price can get fairly high compared to the rest of the security market for what customers can expect to get. Price is not fixed, meaning it can increase over the contract length and they also require customers to pay for their full contract even after cancellation. If you are lucky enough to cancel within the 14-day window, they charge an additional $79 re-stocking fee. No one should have to worry about those types of possible financial pits for the type of quality offered.

If you are interested in a fixed-price, life-time warranty home security company, get a free quote from Protect America and secure your family safe today. Contact them for more information or any queries or counsel regarding monitored home security.