Keeping your family safe and protected by choosing the right security system is a necessity today, with more than 2.1 million incidents of burglary throughout the US in 2010 alone. Finding the best and most reliable camera security system on the market is not always easy and requires testing and comparisons. Our latest review covers Q-See home security camera systems.


Pros of the Q-See Camera

While many of the Q-See home security cameras available from the company are closer to standard technology, Q-See has developed its own special app that allows users to quickly access their home security system with the use of a smartphone (which is great when on the go). The application available is called “Meye”, and additionally, works with all operating systems aside from Windows 7 Premium. Q-See’s cameras and product interfaces are appealing and intuitive, making them easy to use and easy on the eyes. A playback and record button is readily available and within view of Q-See’s security systems.

Additionally, Q-See also offers a two-year warranty on its security camera systems. Overall, Q-See home security camera systems are not too difficult to install and come with standard night and day video recording quality, making them a suitable option for those not concerned with the highest tech currently for sale.

Cons o the f Q-See Camera

With the technology of Q-See camera systems being less than advanced, there is no real draw for those who enjoy investing in only the latest and greatest available. Some of the systems do not fit today’s standards regarding the quality of video contrast at night, which is often extremely important when monitoring outside property after dark. Prices also vary with Q-See home security systems, which can quickly grow into thousands in some cases, making the system unaffordable to many.

With an estimated property loss of approximately $4.6 billion in 2010, ensuring security systems are top-notch is often a priority for the majority of individuals and families today.


Other Reviews From Q-See Customers

Unfortunately, while there are some positive Q-See reviews available on various technology blogs, there is an overwhelmingly high number of negative reviews regarding the overall experience had with the company. Some of the biggest red flags found within customer complaints and reviews include:

  • Hardware issues with security cameras after short-term use
  • Multiple problems with DVR units provided with security camera systems
  • Lack of assistance when reaching out to customer service (leading to the inability of receiving a refund or assistance with product malfunctioning)
  • Connection issues

While Q-See security camera systems may work for those seeking standard security measures, it falls short in regards to top of the line technology with less than stellar video quality. User reviews make it challenging to determine whether or not Q-See is a good fit for home security for individuals who have not tested other products.

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