Best Buy provides an array of security systems. Most brands are found on their shelves or on their website every day. Regularly, deals pop up for holidays or slashed prices at Best Buy.


Ring – Alarm Starter Home Security Kit – 4.1 Stars

  • Best Buy’s brands are compatible with most monitoring services. The equipment comes at a reasonable price and is easy to find when on the shelf at the local Best Buy. The security systems can also be purchased online if it is easier for the consumer.
  • Instant alerts and motion detectors speed to a smart device through‘s smart device app, so the homeowner knows ASAP.
  • The alerts are customized so someone can add a neighbor or friend to his or her alert system. For people that travel, the customization and capability with other home automation devices make Ring’s Starter Home Security Kit the perfect watchful eye. 

Customer reviews also tend to speak volumes when they target specific likes and dislikes:

Ring did something that I think is genius. They built in a 7 day practice/training mode that the system goes in to after the initial setup. My wife and I were worried that if we or our kids (8 and 12 yrs old and very curious) hit a wrong button or something, the cops would show up. The practice mode let us learn the new system without worrying about that. – 5 Star Real Consumer Rating and Review.

Night Owl – Extreme HD 8-Channel, 8-Camera Wired Surveillance System – 4.3 Stars

  • The hardwires security system by Night Owl may require extra doodads than a DIY kit. However, the sheer power and coverage is a best buy at Best Buy.
  • The power to use the Night Owl for both indoor and outdoor displays the commitment that Night Owl is there to protect throughout the night.

I opened up the box and checked that everything was there and went to work. Approximately 1 1/2 Hours later I had the first 4 of 6 cameras installed and was very pleased, my wire management has something to be desired but who cares it worked. The system is more than what I expected (quality wise) and that being tied in with an awesome Best buy price you can’t go wrong buying this.- 5 Star Real Consumer Rating and Review

Defender – 4-Channel, 2-Camera Wired Surveillance System – 4.4 Stars

  • Defender provides two cameras in order to watch both the front and back door of a home. Most sizeable wired security systems are difficult to assemble, but Defender gives the consumer the tools to do it themselves if they have the time and inclination. However, some companies that will install the equipment for free if the homeowners go through a security monitoring service.
  • The larger security system offered by Best Buy is at an affordable price.
  • The local storage to the 4-channel DVR delivers daily video to view at the convenience of a homeowner, or in the case of an emergency. The storage also makes it possible to have information in case of an emergency.


The box includes absolutely everything needed for an installation, except for drill and screwdriver. The kit includes pre-made cables that appear to be are at least 45 feet long for each of the 4 cameras. The cables carry power and signal, so no need for separate power at the camera location. Also included are HDMI cable for the monitor and CAT5 cable to connect to internet for remote monitoring. (Many police departments allow you to enable protected camera access for them, which helps secure your neighborhood.) Picture quality is excellent, and at least one neighbor told me “make sure our driveway is in your picture” after seeing the quality. – 5 Star Real Consumer Rating and Review

The list is short and sweet, but Best Buy is known for their best buys.  Even if the equipment comes from the local Best Buy, Protect America provides installation for free, free quotes on services, and a price match guarantee. They are worth a shot, especially if a homeowner wants 24/7 eyes on their homes.