Ackerman Security is a company that has been around for over 47 years. Their business model focuses on being flexible with customers’ needs depending on their property and what they want to protect most. They advertise low rates, comparable to Protect America’s prices. However, when comparing the value that customers get from these two companies, large discrepancies arise.


Transparency and Pricing

The only price to be found on Ackerman Security’s website is a monthly rate of $18.99 for monitoring your existing equipment. Protect America offers multiple, flexible packages starting at $19.99. Both of these home security companies obviously value affordability in providing home security. A big difference that can be seen from the start here, though, is that Protect America provides free equipment with absolutely zero installation or activation fees, while Ackerman Security does not.

And speaking of fees, Ackerman doesn’t provide any information online about their installation fees or even about the specifications for the equipment they can provide. In today’s information age, a lack of transparency should make customers suspicious about what a company might be hiding.

Equipment Expenses

Protect America offers free equipment upfront and provides a lifetime warranty on all of the equipment you get from them. The equipment is shipped right to your door, and installation is easy. Everything is pre-programmed and ready for you to set up in your home on your own. All of the equipment Protect America offers is wireless, so it’s quick and hassle-free.

Ackerman Security, on the other hand, does not provide even the most basic equipment for free. Many customers have frequently complained about surprisingly high overcharges for parts and installation. Wrangling with installation itself just to get the system up and running incurs high costs and many headaches. There are also many troubling claims of poor aftermarket care, as well; numerous complaints have been voiced about faulty hardware resulting in weak security and costly repairs without any warranty.


Ackerman Security claims that their contracts are variable. Customers are given the choice of how many years they want to sign. Accounting for flexibility in the needs of their customers is an admirable feature.

However, potential customers should still be very wary when signing contracts with Ackerman Security. Another significant concern that many customers have brought to light is that their contracts misrepresent the fees, term length, and prices that they are told by representatives. One year contracts suddenly turn into three year contracts, and negotiations in price evaporate once they hope you’ve forgotten about it. They even add miscellaneous charges after the contract was signed.


Ackerman Security’s contracts are also auto-renewing, which means if you miss your cancel date, you could be stuck with them for another three years. That’s why reading some Ackerman security reviews could save you a lot of problems in the future. Protect America now employs a month-to-month renewal so that customers who miss their cancel date will still be covered while they make a decision whether or not they want to renew with Protect America. If they decide not to, their service can be removed by the end of the month, and they can move on with their lives.


Protect America and Ackerman Security both boast low, affordable prices for their monitoring services. Every household should be able to have the option of low-cost home security when it comes to protecting their property and family. However, when comparing the equipment, installation and maintenance hassle, and the overall honesty and transparency between the two companies, Protect America obviously gives you more for your money.