When it comes to protecting your home, it’s important to consider how devoted your provider is to security. Some phone, internet, and cable (“triple-play”) providers who have started to introduce home security as an additional service to their bundles. When considering their home security options, look at how they handle their other services. Companies who are sloppy when it comes to their main business will be sloppy everywhere else, too. If it’s your just internet going out, that’s frustrating, but can you afford such a lapse in your home security?

Protect America is a home security company. They believe that protecting your home shouldn’t be an afterthought for home security providers. Protect America puts security first, and it shows in the way they treat their customers and commit to quality and affordability.



The biggest difference between CenturyLink and Protect America is dedication and specialization. CenturyLink is first and foremost a broadband and home entertainment provider. Their home security packages are just a “sell more” add-on to their original services. After all, you must be an existing CenturyLink broadband user in order to even apply for their home security packages.

Protect America is on an entirely different wavelength. They are a home security company, specialized in providing the best and most affordable home security and monitoring services to Americans. Protect America offers more flexible packages, and their services in terms of expertise, customization, and reliability are simply superior to those of CenturyLink.

By the way, if you live in Alaska, Arizona, or Maine, CenturyLink is not available to you.


CenturyLink’s packages are inflexible and expensive. Their cheapest package is $34.99, and although their website is not very forthcoming about the way their services and fees work, customers and reviewers have all claimed that their installation fees are exorbitant and the highest in the industry. In addition, CenturyLink as a company and a service provider has perpetually been considered unethical and unfair in their business practices when dealing with customers’ bills. They tend to misrepresent their monthly prices and find shady ways to deceive their customers into paying, in one case, up to four times the amount initially promised in the contract.

Protect America offers affordable and flexible packages starting at $19.99. Their plans let you build your own home security package, so you get only the equipment you want and need. Protect America prices are locked in, and the cost of activation and installation is precisely $0.

Installation and Fees

Protect America provides free equipment once customers sign up and ships it right to your door. It is already pre-programmed; you can set it up yourself very easily and is ready to go right away. All the equipment is wireless, so there isn’t any drilling or wiring to worry about. If you need help, Protect America’s customer care is trained and experienced in helping along the installation process.

CenturyLink also offers free equipment to their customers, but installation is much more complicated. They require that a technician comes to your home to install it themselves (incurring additional fees and scheduling), and not all of their equipment is wireless. A home security system should give you peace of mind. CenturyLink sounds like they give their customers headaches, and they might be robbing you just as much as burglars would be.


Customer Service

It has become impossible to discuss CenturyLink’s service without also mentioning their customer care. Their countless abysmal customer service reviews speak for themselves. Almost every mention of their name comes with a scathing account of their disrespectful and unhelpful attitudes. They also have a reputation of being underhanded in charging hidden fees and taxes.

Home security is something Century introduced to their business model late in the game, and it isn’t considered their core service. Therefore, their customer service team is more well-versed in triple-play services than home security topics.

Protect America has been committed to home security since the beginning. Every part of the company is focused on providing the best service and protection. There is simply such an overwhelming difference between the experiences of CenturyLink customers and Protect America customers.


Choose a home security company that takes your protection seriously and doesn’t bother you with other nuisances. The false convenience of bundling all-in-one-home services is a trap, and you don’t want to risk your family and property. You deserve real dedication and commitment to your safety and ease of mind when securing your home. Choose Protect America.