Protect America emphasizes affordability, but a price tag should never be the only thing to look for when choosing a home security provider. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean a sacrifice for lower quality, and more expensive doesn’t necessarily equate to higher end products and service. CPI Security is a regional home security company that operates out of North Carolina. They have a pretty standard offering in terms of features, but it would be wise to watch out for their prices and the reputation they’ve built for themselves.


Price and Contract Comparison

CPI Security advertises a $29.95 per month monitoring fee, but this price is only for the first three months. Then, CPI Security raises the regular price of these basic contracts up to an expensive $49.95 a month, a significant jump from the $29.95 that sounds prettier when they’re selling it to you. That initial rate is already relatively pricey compared to leading home security companies, but then the regular rate turns out to be distressingly higher. Protect America offers a $19.99 starter package that gives you everything you need, and that rate never increases over the length of a contract.

The contract lengths have not even yet been addressed. Not only is CPI Security’s rate awfully high, they require a five year contract. Protect America’s contracts are only three years, which is considered average in the industry. So, at CPI Security, not only will you be paying more per month, you will be locked into that increased rate for five years.

Other Fees and Considerations

As you might already know, Protect America does not charge any form of installation or activation fee. CPI Security, on the other hand charges a $299 installation fee before they’ve even monitored you for a minute. While Protect America really does give their customers free equipment and free installation via not charging them for it, it’s astonishing that CPI security can still claim to offer free equipment when they charge hundreds of dollars for it to be operational in your home.

Protect America also offers a lifetime warranty on the equipment they provide. It doesn’t make sense to monitor broken equipment, and Protect America is dedicated to their customer’s protection, which shouldn’t be based on their luck with technology. CPI Security, on the other hand, does not include a warranty with their package. This is not only a concern because their rates are so high but also because their equipment tends to be unreliable and defective.


Technical Problems

Even if money is not a concern, there are some technical issues that multiple CPI Security customers have complained of time and time again. The most persistent complaint seems to be that their equipment causes and overwhelming number of false alarms. A small number of false alarms can be expected throughout the lifetime of living with home security equipment, but with equipment from CPI Security, it seems to be a plague. Several complaints have been voiced not only online but also through filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau about false alarm issues with motion sensor and door sensor activation.


There doesn’t seem to be any upside to choosing CPI Security as a home security provider. Their prices are exorbitant in exchange for less equipment, inferior quality of equipment, and unaccomodating service. CPI Security provides a low bar to pass, especially for one of the leading home security companies. Protect America’s security experts offer affordable, reliable, and comprehensive protection that is both flexible and responsive to your lifestyle.