Security cameras are in high demand right now, and many tech startups are rushing to find the next big niche. Homeboy is a relatively new surveillance camera that is about the size of a golf ball and is mounted to a magnetic base. It’s meant to be asleep most of the time and only wake up to record when it detects motion. It sounds a small, built-in alarm and notifies you via a mobile notification. Many are praising it as the future of security, but there are some reservations to consider.


Pets, Children, and Nannies

There are a few very quickly disqualifying factors for considering Homeboy as a surveillance camera option.

  • Pets will continuously set Homeboy off. The camera allegedly has a pet mode, but many users have reported it not making a difference at all.
  • Surveillance cameras also appeal to many people because they can be used as both security and a monitoring device. Not only can cameras catch intruders, they can also be used to monitor children or other family members. Homeboy cannot fulfill this function. It only activates when it detects motion, which will sound an alarm. You can request clips of recordings for 5-30 seconds, but that’s far from ideal.
  • Other people you might want to monitor include nannies or cleaning staff who visit your home while you are away. A similar problem presents itself. Homeboy doesn’t provide the capability of checking in through a live stream to quiet your conscience and make sure everything is okay.

These three foiling factors might turn many people away. If you own any pets or are looking for a camera that can help you monitor the goings-on in your home, Homeboy is not for you.

Short Range

The motion detecting range of a Homeboy camera is only fifteen feet. If you live in a cramped space that requires a camera to only watch close quarters, then this could fulfill your needs. Another range factor is that the camera’s field of view is less than 53 degrees horizontally.

It’s important to consider that you might not want a motion detector in the same location as the camera. An ideal setup for certain property layouts might feature a motion detector at a point of entry with a Camera on another side of the room ready to catch the action from a better angle once the alarm is triggered.

Having an all-in-one can sound convenient sometimes, but it compromises its flexibility to the environment.

Neighborhood Watch?

Homeboy is not a monitored service, just a camera. It relies on what they call a “posse.” They describe it as intended to create a neighborhood watch. When your alarm goes off, it notifies everyone in your posse. In a perfect world, your posse will be able to notify the correct authorities or even drive over to your property to check what’s happening.

But people aren’t perfect, not even friends and family. Not all of the people who you can trust are conveniently located near your property. They also might not all have perfectly staggered schedules, ensuring that at least one of them is available at any given time. People are busy; they have other jobs and obligations. They get annoyed at notifications and jaded after false alarms. They forget their phone or silence it.

Bottom line: monitoring your home is not their job or their responsibility. Loved ones love you, but they aren’t accountable for your home security. Professional monitoring is the most reliable and foundational line of defense when your home’s security is breached. They will make sure that authorities are dispatched when you cannot be reached.


Protect America Alternative

Protect America offers extremely affordable, professional monitoring for only $19.99 a month. Even the most basic packages at Protect America include multiple door sensors, an alarm control panel, and motion sensors. The motion sensors cover a 90 degree arc in a 25 feet range (both larger than Homeboy) and employ both heat and movement recognition. And yes, they are pet friendly (up to 40 pounds).

Protect America also offers wireless security cameras. They feature live streaming, online storage, and it’s viewable from our comprehensive online portal—all things that Homeboy lacks. Homeboy is a nice little toy, but lacks flexibility and monitoring. Choose Protect America and get more protection over more space for a clearer peace of mind.