The MyFox Home Alarm introduces an interesting new piece of technology into the home security space. The MyFox Intellitag is obviously this product’s bread and butter. The device is packed with sensors—vibration, first and foremost, as well as tilt sensors and a gyroscope. Their selling point is that this smart sensor can tell the difference between you coming home and opening your door, a ball bouncing against it, and an intruder forcibly making their way into your home. Because it detects the attempt to break in, it can theoretically sound the alarm before the intruder even enters the home.

We are really impressed by this technology. According to its function, it really does work well, and it is able to tell the difference. However, as a home security solution, we just can’t put our faith in it.


Just Find Another Entrance

Even if the MyFox sensors are experts in detecting forceful break-ins, it doesn’t mean your home is safe and secured. After all, there are so many other methods of entering a home. MyFox Intellitags currently do not work on sliding glass doors or windows. They can only be placed on regular solid doors. This means that all of your windows and glass sliding doors are vulnerable entry points. Whether they shatter the glass or open it (when it happened to be unlocked), the MyFox siren will not sound, and you will receive no notification of the break in.

And what if the intruder simply nabs your keychain? The keyfob will automatically disarm the system, and entering the door with the key won’t set off any alarms. The intruder can also copy your key to make their own. This would allow them access to your home with no alarms set off either. Any burglar who knows how to carefully pick a lock quickly can probably sneak by the MyFox sensors as well.

Most importantly, MyFox Intellitags have no way of telling whether a door is open or closed. So, honestly, if you forget to lock a door or a child leaves it open upon leaving, an intruder could just walk in, no matter how armed the home security system is.

Unreliably Unmonitored

But let’s say that everything goes as planned. An intruder breaks into your home while you are away. They try to forcibly enter through your front door, where you have your Intellitag placed. The sensors recognize the break in attempt and set off the siren.

Ideally, the would-be intruder decides to call it off at the sound of the siren. But the MyFox siren automatically turns off after three minutes. Maybe the intruder stuck around to see what would happen; if they hear the siren turn off, they might figure the scare is over and head back in.

And they can simply return to the scene of the break in and continue their crime because this system is unmonitored. The system will send you a text and email notification, but it’s up to you to call the police. The problem is, it’s so easy to miss a notification, an email. You can’t be expected to be alert and on your phone 24/7; you are not a monitoring center! (And your friends and family shouldn’t be held to this responsibility, either.) Phone batteries die, meetings happen, silent ringers get muffled in purses, notification desensitization is real—there are so many reasons to miss text messages or emails.

We’ve said it again and again: unmonitored home security is unreliable security. Although having a scare alarm is better than nothing, it’s not better than having an accountable and reliable professional monitoring center available to respond to your home’s security status at any time of the day, every day of the week. Monitored security systems go beyond sending you alert notifications. They call you and your emergency contacts to talk to you, see what’s going on, and if you need them to (or if you cannot be reached), they will call the proper authorities in your local area to alert them of your situation.


Other Pesky Notes

  • MyFox charges steep monthly charges for cloud storage.
  • The round shape of the sensor might fit awkwardly on our rectangle doors.
  • The app has been reported to be glitchy.
  • The Wi-Fi bridge has very limited range.
  • The motion detector is highly sensitive, and there’s no way to change the sensitivity. So if you have pets (even a small cat), you’ll get a notification every time they walk past the sensor. You can’t turn off these notifications.
  • Interestingly, the motion detector does not set off the alarm (so if a burglar bypasses your perimeter security sensors, this does not really serve as a backup sensor). It only sends you a notification on your phone.

The Bottom Line

The MyFox Home Alarm brings some very unique and interesting technology to the table; their Intellitags are well developed and bring a forward shift to the industry by focusing on stopping burglars before they get into your home. However, the technology as an integrated security system falls far short of a home security solution. The equipment is very expensive, and you don’t get that many options for customization or even many features to begin with.

Without a monitoring option, this is an unreliable line of defense. There are too many holes in this security system to make it worth the money.