In another line of me-too products by Samsung, the SmartCam HD Pro is a fun, feature-packed IP camera that sits at the top of the new Samsung SmartCam line. Like most smart cameras that work in-home and connect to your home’s internet Wi-Fi connection, the SmartCam HD Pro is a wireless IP camera that comes with a smartphone app. It records in 3 different resolution options, up to 1080p. It’s about as tall and wide as a soda can, and it records both video and audio clips. You’ll need to connect it to the internet via ethernet cable the first time it’s installed, and it draws its power from a standard power cord you plug into the wall.



This camera comes with an impressive list of capabilities for its relatively inexpensive price of around $190.

  • It has a motion and audio detector that allows the camera to turn on when it detects sound or movement.
  • Two-way talk allows for you to communicate with someone on the other end of the camera (like a babysitter or child).
  • It includes a feature that plays 3 different lullabies that you can play on its speakers; you can also record audio clips to play as well.
  • You can set a custom range on the motion detector (to avoid a window with a busy street, for example).
  • Setting up the camera is simple, and you can do it on your own (no need for a professional technician).
  • You can schedule designated recording times.
  • It has night vision to watch over your home at night.


This camera’s multiple features also come with shortcomings, unfortunately.

  • Samsung does not offer the option of cloud storage at all. The camera uses a micro-SD card (up to 64GB), which can get filled up pretty quickly if you’re recording at 1080p.
  • For as much as you pay for this device, the mobile app interface is very clunky and its commands can be confusing.
  • There aren’t separate security modes for being home versus being away, which is a pretty standard expectation for all home security products. This means you’ll have to use the app to manually adjust settings every time you leave or return home.
  • The audio recordings are low quality, and the speakers give off a muffled and metallic sound. Users have reported that the audio playback and recording is rather choppy.
  • The design of the camera is top heavy, and because it’s made out of such flimsy plastic material, its balance is rather wobbly.
  • The sensitivity settings don’t provide much middle ground. You’re either flooded with notifications or don’t get any at all.
  • This camera is self monitored. When it detects motion or a loud noise inside your home, all it can do is send you an email or a smartphone notification. But if you miss it because you’re focusing on something else, if your phone is off or out of battery, if you don’t have a strong internet connection, then you’ll also be missing the burglary happening in your home right now without anyone to alert the authorities.


For a cheap camera for baby monitoring or checking in on the babysitter, this Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is a gadget with a lot of fun features and useful perks. However, for home security, we recommend a professionally monitored system with a camera that can upload recordings to cloud storage so that you can access them even if your camera and equipment are stolen during a break-in.