Savant is a unique solution for home automation. It is a high-end, Apple-based system that encompasses a wide range of capabilities. It’s extremely expensive—categorized as a luxury purchase. They boast energy efficiency and user friendliness. And they’re shockingly expensive. Their system syncs with your iPhones and iPads, and their apps flaunt a polished and elegant user interface. Did I mention it’s ridiculously expensive?


Price Comparison

An average Savant user can expect to pay around $15,000 for their basic packages. Their pricing starts about $1,000 per room, a rate that increases with the addition of features outside of their basic offerings of climate control, lighting, media server, and smart host. In addition to this rate, there are many other products that you will be required to purchase to complete your system. These products are priced differently, since they are sold through independent dealers, but on average the Wall-mounted iPad controller will come to around $500, the control system is about $3,800, and other hardware and installation sums up to typically $8,000 to $10,000. Furthermore, you need iPhones and iPads to operate the system, which are all about $400 each. These prices sound almost absurd, but for those who can afford overpriced technology, it’s a unique choice.

Protect America offers home security and home automation options with packages starting at $19.99/month. No, that’s not $1,999—Nineteen dollars and ninety-nine cents. Protect America uses Z-Wave technology to connect our home automation products to the central security panel so that everything can be controlled from one (free) SMART Connect mobile application.


Automating your home without an attached monitoring system doesn’t make sense. What is the point of adding all of these safety and convenience technologies and features into your home if there’s nothing you can do when your property’s security is breached? “Self-monitored” systems rely on you to be constantly aware of whether or not your home is currently being threatened, but that is simply unreasonable. Phones are silenced, left behind, misplaced, and ignored out of courtesy all of the time. Demanding your constant vigilance defeats the purpose of convenience.

Savant Systems does not offer a monitoring service. In fact, their products are not compatible with most monitoring services, since their system doesn’t support bluetooth, Insteon, Z-Wave, KNX, UPB, X10, or Zigbee. It’s also interesting that while Savant Systems offers so many different types of accessories for controlling every little thing in your home, they don’t offer basic door or garage sensors.

Protect America understands the necessity of monitoring for home security. Protect America does not offer super sleek designs or luxurious products, but they believe that reliable monitoring is the foundation for home security; their home automation options build on top of that. This way, when the security of your home is breached, the automated lock will instantly notify you, as will your alarm sensors. The monitoring station will try to notify you and your emergency contacts; if you can’t be reached, they will contact the proper authorities. This way, your system reliably responds to threats and genuinely protects your property.


General Service

It is also worth noting that Savant doesn’t offer any technical support at all. Once you’ve purchased and installed their system, you’re on  your own. They require a professional installation, and professional installers who specifically install Savant Systems can be hard to find—especially ones who do it perfectly enough that you’ll never have to worry about needing support again.

Protect America, on the other hand, has a strictly $0 installation fee. Your equipment will arrive at your door pre-programmed and ready to go. Everything is completely wireless, so you can install it yourself with very little hassle. Protect America’s equipment has a lifetime warranty, and you can call customer care anytime for anything.

Protect America simply has a more invested dedication to true protection, ease of mind, and safety for their customers. If you absolutely love Apple and want some new toys to add to your Apple collection, Savant is right down your alley. But if you’re looking to protect your home and employ home automation to enhance the convenience and certainty of security in your home, Protect America is the more reasonable decision.