Each year, more than 2.5 million burglaries are reported throughout the US, with more than 15$ billion dollars of annual property damage and losses.

Protecting your home and family is a top priority and requires the best service and technology possible to guarantee maximum protection at all times. If you are interested in investing in a new home security system for your own property, understanding the options you have available is ideal before making a decision or signing a contract with a new security company you can trust. Reliance Home Security provides both residential and commercial security and monitoring services for a wide range of uses, whether you want to protect the exterior of your property, indoors, or even a loved one who is elderly and a health risk.


Reliance Home Security Service Options

  • Life Safety Services: Reliance Home Security offers an array of life safety services ranging from traditional intrusion and burglaries to gas leaks, water damage, frozen pipes, and even medical emergencies such as potentially fatal falls.
  • Enhanced Security Services: Insurance deductible reimbursements, extended service, patrol services, and even voice responses and messaging are available through Reliance Home Security with their Enhanced Security Service options.
  • Home Automation and Interactive Services Available: If you are interested in taking more control of today’s latest technology in the security industry, home automation is also possible with Reliance Home Security. Home automation allows you more control when monitoring and keeping track of your home and any security cameras and other detectors you currently have installed (with the use of smartphone devices and computers). Home automation features allow you to control lighting, thermostats, and even which doors or windows are locked in your home anytime, even if you are on-the-go or out of the country.  Receive alerts and instant updates anytime there is motion detected on camera or if an alarm is triggered while it is armed and you are not currently inside or near your property. Put your mind at ease with home automation, allowing you to protect your home and its surroundings at all times regardless of your own location.
  • ADT SmartSync: Using ADT SmartSync is possible with Reliance Home Security if you are interested in simply upgrading the existing security system and equipment in your home to work with home automation features. ADT’s SmartSync allows you remote access to your home’s security system, providing you with the ability to lock doors and windows and to receive instant alerts whenever an alarm is triggered or set off throughout your home and property.

Lack of Online Presence and Reviews

One of the downfalls of Reliance Home Security is their lack of an online presence and awareness. Searching for reviews, testimonials, and blog topics involving Reliance Home Security provides sparse results. If you are a shopper who prefers to learn more about companies before investing in protection and security services, seeking an alternative company and provider may be optimal. Learning more about Reliance Home Security is challenging when doing so online and when not speaking directly to a professional customer service representative.

Custom Solutions

One of the appeals of Reliance Home Security is the customer’s ability to customize the home security package that is optimal for their own needs and wants in a home security system. Having the ability to create a customized solution when designing a new home security system is a way for you to maintain more control over how you choose to protect and monitoring your home. While Reliance Home Security offers the ability to opt for custom solutions, there is a lack of transparency regarding the current pricing structure each plan and package available for the company costs customers. Always speak to a professional customer representative before signing a contract with a new security monitoring provider to ensure you do not receive unwanted or unwarranted fees and unnecessary charges once you have received your security equipment and begin receiving service.

Do you want to find a home security company that is trustworthy, reliable, and affordable for any budget and household size? Contact Protect America to create a fully-customized home security system and package that is right for you and your family today!