There are thousands of popular home security companies available to choose from today. Whether you are looking to decrease your chances of becoming a target of a burglary or if you simply want to deter onlookers, investing in a home security system is a must. Richmond Alarm provides security and monitoring services for both residential and commercial customers, regardless of the size of the property that requires equipment. If you are interested in Richmond Alarm’s security services, it is highly advisable to compare pricing and other features prior to making a final decision that is likely to have an impact on you and your household for years to come. 


Services Available From Richmond Alarm

More than 2.1 million burglaries were reported in 2010 throughout the US alone, drastically helping to contribute to the rapid growth of the home security industry. 

Richmond Alarm offers some of the most popular home security features and services in-demand. A few of the services provided by Richmond Alarm include:

  • 24/7 Video monitoring and alerting available
  • 24/7 Service available as Richmond Alarm owns and operates its own central monitoring station
  • Key fobs included in security packages to offer easier accessibility
  • Door and window sensors can be installed throughout the home with any security package from Richmond Alarm
  • Fire and medical alert systems are also available for an additional monthly fee
  • Home automation can also be implemented with your security setup for an additional monthly fee

Average Monthly Service Fee

The average monthly service fee when choosing a protection package from Richmond Alarm is approximately $44.95. Monthly fees typically vary greatly depending on whether you are a new customer or not along with the size of the security package you require. If you are interested in additional protection services such as fire and environmental alerts, your monthly bill will be higher. Home automation services will also hike your monthly fee with Richmond Alarm if you want to have the feature included with your equipment. Be sure to inquire about a thorough quote for the services you are interested in before signing a contract or agreeing to service from Richmond Alarm. 


Upfront Costs and Installation Charges

It is also important to keep upfront costs and installation fees in mind before selecting a security package from Richmond Alarm. Richmond Alarm charges a standard fee of $299 for all new customers to cover fees and an installation charge. Unfortunately, it is not possible to avoid these fees or the charge of installation, which is important to keep in mind when comparing and reviewing all of the security services you have available to you. 

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