Across the US, more than 2.5 million burglaries are reported each year. Choosing a home security provider that you can trust and rely on is imperative when it comes to protecting your household and loved ones. Ring home security offers multiple packages to choose from whether you are interested in DIY installation or prefer to opt for a professional solution. Before choosing a home security provider, take the time to compare and weigh all of the options you have available to you.


Homes that do not have an alarm system installed and in place are 300% more likely to become targets of potential burglars.

Ring Home Security Bundle Options

Ring home security offers multiple bundles to choose from, most requiring manual and DIY installation. If you are seeking a doorbell camera and other cameras which automatically send video to your smartphone, Ring is one provider that delivers.

With Ring, there are four tiers available ranging from a basic package to a “Ring Elite” solution which does come with professionally-installed cameras and equipment. Pricing for each package ranges from $99 to $499 depending on your needs and whether or not you require a professional to complete the installation job. Some of the key features available with Ring home security include:

  • 720p to 1080p video resolution, for better recording anytime your alarm system is triggered
  • 160 to 180 degrees of motion capture available with each of Ring’s cameras
  • Rechargeable or hardwired equipment available (varying with each package)
  • Installation tools such as a charging cable, level, screwdriver, drill bit, mounting devices, and screws are all included with each Ring package for those interested in a DIY solution
  • Easy setup guides and free videos are quickly available to properly install the Ring security system
  • The ability to select “motion zones” upon installation, allowing you to monitor specific areas surrounding your home and property

Disadvantages of Choosing Ring Home Security

While the quality of Ring home security cameras is well-liked, it is still important to remember that the service itself is not monitored (unless selecting the “Elite” package and paying an initial $499 installation fee). When you do not have a monitored home security solution, you run the risk of being unable to contact police or local authorities when in the midst of a potentially life-threatening burglary. Additionally, Ring does not currently provide an array of motion detectors and sensors to include in your home security package, limiting those interested in using the service.


Why Choose a Monitored Home Security Solution?

A monitored home security solution provides individuals with peace of mind whether you spend most of your time working, traveling, or simply on-the-go. Never fret over constantly checking your phone to monitor your property on your own with a monitored home security solution such as Protect America. A monitored home security solution is optimal when you want immediate notifications anytime an alarm is set or triggered. Rely on your monitored home security solution to contact the proper local authorities such as the fire or police department whenever there is a true emergency at your home. Without a monitored home security solution, you are solely responsible for monitoring, recording, and reporting any and all incidents that occur in or surrounding your property.

Protect America is America’s 14th largest home security provider nationwide, servicing millions of individuals and families each year. With Protect America, skip traditional installation and equipment fees and get right to building the home security system that is truly right for you.

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