A lot of people were really excited to hear about Amazon’s new home security product Ring. This security system uses smart devices, particularly door bell and door cameras, to keep you connected to your home via your smart phone. At first glance the product seemed to be the answer for families who wished to protect their home and increase their connectivity all without breaking the bank. However, there have been some flaws in the system that have many customers questioning if this was really the answer they were wanting. Below you find FAQ concerning Amazon’s Ring Security Systems.


Is Ring Safe?

This is the primary question that customers are asking. Why are people concerned with the safety of this product? Well, as reported by The Information, certain features of the Ring system make for some pretty terrible security. For starters, certain features which make it easy for users to log back into their account even if they have forgotten their password, unfortunately also make it easy for others to log in as well. For instance, if you had in the past given someone access to the account, and then later wished to block them from the account, you could change the password, but there are plenty of ways to by pass this making it possible for ex’s and past roommates to continue monitoring the property.

Can Ring Be Hacked?

Yes, in fact Ring can be hacked. This was discovered, fortunately by a Miami resident who had been using the product.

Although Jesus Echezarreta had changed his login information, Echezarreta complained to Ring that something weird had been occurring. After reviewing his account, Ring was able to determine that someone had been continuously ringing and downloading video from his doorbell since August, when Echezarreta broke up with his boyfriend.

The product actually makes spying on people rather easy if you know what they are doing.

Are There Safer Alternatives?

There are indeed far safer alternatives to the Ring System. If you are looking for a reliable smart device to monitor your entry ways, then Protect America has a plan for you. Protect America offers reliable home monitoring and security systems at affordable pricing. Because the systems used by protect America come with state of the art technology, hacking and spying are not an issue. When you invest in a Protect America plan you will receive:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Door and Window Micro Sensors
  • Indoor Wireless Motion Detection
  • Live Video Surveillance


Does Protect America Provide Just Security Monitoring?

Protect America provides stellar security monitoring, but in addition to that they also provide full home automation for those who are ready to take their home connectivity to the next level. Full home automation allows you to remotely control lighting, locks and even your garage activity.

Can I Afford Protect America?

Protect America provides many different levels of affordability and protection. For those looking for the most affordable plan, Protect America provides basic packages with DIY installation and low monthly monitoring fees. More complex plans will require professional installation. With every plan, a customer can expect fast, easy installation, reliable monthly monitoring and state of the art technology.

If you are ready to make a real investment in your family’s safety, please call Protect America today to get a free quote.