Ring is well known for their doorbell monitoring systems, but now that they’ve unveiled their security system, what can you expect? According to Ring, their system is;

“A smarter way to protect your property from the inside out. Effortless to install and completely customizable to fit any home.”

It sounds like a great idea, especially if you already have the ring doorbell. The system was just unveiled in July though, so there isn’t much known about it yet. Here are three surprising facts about Ring’s new security system.


The system is cheap

Much cheaper, in fact, than many competitors. At $199 for the basic system, it’s one of the cheapest ones out there. This could be a good or a bad thing. The basic system includes the following:

  • A hub
  • A keypad
  • A motion detector
  • One contact sensor
  • A range extender

You can also add extras for an additional price per piece that you want to add. If you can securely protect your home, family, and possessions for a small price tag, great… but not so fast. The Ring Security System is so new that we really don’t know anything about it yet. It might be a steal, or you really might be getting what you paid for- a low price for a low quality product. In fact, Ring has had issues with their doorbell monitoring systems in the past,  so as with anything new, they may need to work out some kinks with their security system.

No long term commitments or contracts

A lot of home security systems require a contract when you sign up with them. One of the major benefits of this is that it can save you money over time. It also ensures you’re actually going to use your expensive equipment for an extended period of time. A contract is often par for the course in the home security system world.

Since Ring Security System is so new, this is an advantage to new customers that they won’t be locked in a contract. If the system flops or you experience major issues, you won’t be stuck paying for home security that isn’t really doing what you want it to do for months to come. You can easily back out and then you’re only down the $199 for the equipment and nothing more. If you are interested in a contract that guarantees professional monitoring for at least 36 months, check out the plans offered by Protect America.


Professional monitoring

Even though the system is cheap and doesn’t come with tons of bells and whistles, it does offer professional monitoring for $10 per month.  This is a great price for professional monitoring, something that you really can’t go without if you are going to invest in a security system. Without professional monitoring, you’re basically wasting your money. Again, time will tell if this cheap price point is actually a steal or if it’s lacking in comparison to others on the market.

Depending on your situation, Ring might work for you, but a better, tried and true option is Protect America. An experienced home security company, you can trust that they’ve already worked out the kinks and you’re getting a great quality product and service. Their professional security systems are monitored 24/7, giving you peace of mind at a great price. They don’t have any installation fees, offer up to $1,400 in free equipment, lock in your rate, and offer a price match guarantee. No other security system on the market offers all of these benefits. They’re also a Nine-Time Consumers Digest Best Buy Winner- their proven track record just goes to show that you really can trust them with your home. Don’t leave the protection and safety of your home and family to chance; get a free quote from Protect America today.