Sabre is a brand that covers the spectrum of personal safety products. They’re self-proclaimed as the #1 brand used by police officers worldwide and the company has been featured on television stations like Spike and the History Channel. Their catalog includes everything from pepper spray, safety horns, to personal alarms for runners.

The brand has ventured into the home security sphere and added a package to their array of products. But how does their equipment stack up to the rest of the market? 


The Specs

Sabre’s home security system is a DIY setup with no electrical connections. It’s standard, home protection system includes: two door and window sensors, one motion sensor, one smart panel, one key fob remote, and one 120dB siren (or audible up to 750 feet away.) 

Additional equipment can be purchased for further security needs, or if you’d simply like to have more coverage in your home. You can attach an unlimited number of sensors to the Sabre product as well.

Sabre comes with an eight security zone system that aims to identify which areas of the home are most likely for intrusion to occur and features four operating modes with adjustable exit and entry delay or alarm duration.

Some equipment will need to be installed via mounting hardware, but the necessary parts will be shipped with your system.

The entire setup is controlled via the smart panel and sensors are said to be able to be placed up to 500 feet from the main control panel. There’s an AC adapter for the smart panel as well, but backup batteries are not included.

The Issue with Sabre

There’s a few issues with the Sabre set-up—mainly its pricing and limit.

For a base package the product will still cost you $119, plus any additional equipment that you may need. This upfront price is hefty, and equipment will add up.

Sabre doesn’t have many home security essentials, including: carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, flood detectors, or the simplicity and user friendly tool of a connected mobile app that allows you to monitor and check on your home while away via a smartphone device. Most home security offerings in the modern age offer app monitoring and some tier of automation, and with Sabre you don’t get any of it.

Outside of the tools Sabre is missing, many customers had some problems with the product. Customers reported inconsistency with sensors, alarms that didn’t always function, and poor customer service that wasn’t helpful whenever customers had a need or issues.


Our Takeaway

Sabre has had a lot of success as a company with their personal safety gadgets, but the home security equipment doesn’t really cut it. It’s pretty basic and doesn’t bring much to the table, or do anything that many cheaper options can’t also do. 

Sabre also doesn’t fully cover your home, and not having the industry standard of home automation and an a congruent app will leave homeowners out of the know of what’s going on in their house (an essential to home security).

We recommend customers stick with an innovative, up-to-date, and monitored company. True peace of mind only comes via 24/7 monitoring, and the knowledge that you can see what’s happening in your home, and professionals will be dispatched if an emergency ever occurs.