There are a number of security companies on the market today. Some of them are national, while others are regional or semi-national. Some are also trying to expand into other territories, while others are content to service the locations they’ve already established a presence in. No matter which company a homeowner chooses, though, it’s a good idea to take a look at reviews for that company and see if it’s really the one they want to use. Not every homeowner and every company are going to be a good mix, so taking time to look at reviews can be a good way to ensure finding the best company for specific security needs.


What Customers Are Saying About Sabre Security

Most customers who use Sabre Security like it. They feel good about the level of monitoring they have, and they’re happy with the customer service the company provides. That’s good news for the company, and also for the homeowners who are using it — they feel safe and the company continues to grow, which just helps its customers feel safer.

Of course, not all customers are completely happy with Sabre Security. There are some who are concerned that the company isn’t responsive enough, and that the equipment used sometimes lacks the level of reliability they would really like to see.

But it’s not possible to please everyone, and that’s going to be true of every security company.

How Accurate Are Online Reviews?

The accuracy of online reviews about the company is always worth questioning. Reviews aren’t always completely honest, and it can be difficult to tell if they’re real or fake. But for the most part a pattern of reviews (either good or bad) will show a homeowner whether a company is a good one to consider or whether it should be avoided. In the case of Sabre Security, most of the reviews are positive and the negative reviews are not as significant. It’s almost suspect if there are no bad reviews at all, because it makes people wonder if the company’s hiding something or adjusting its reputation online. It’s better to be honest about bad reviews, and use them to make things better for customers in the future.


Is This the Right Company for Most Homeowners?

The right security company for the majority of homeowners will have a lot of traits that are seen in Sabre Security and that are also common to a number of other companies. These include:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • fast response times
  • fair pricing
  • an understandable contract
  • knowledgeable support people
  • quality equipment

Whether Sabre Security is right for a particular homeowner is something only that person can decide. However, there are a number of companies that offer similar options, as well. Each one of those companies could be considered on its own merits, along with the price that is asked for the monitoring. While most companies charge similar rates, it’s always a good idea to ask.

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