"The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations." – Roy H. Williams

Customers are looking for a peace of mind, not any more problems when protecting their homes. However, quality home security is hard to come by even with all the smart home protection options available today. SAFE security makes a lot of promises, but does it really deliver?


The Positives about SAFE Security (It’s Pros)

SAFE Security is a company that provides more than one option for its customers. For instance, they have both DIY and professional security system installations. They also provide the 24/7 monitoring that is important for times when a home is compromised. Proper authorities are contacted during emergencies as well, and trained professionals could be notified in the event of a fire or storm. Carbon monoxide alerts are also available.  

Additional automation features available by SAFE security include as follows: 

  • Remote key entry 
  • Motion sensors 
  • Mobile or landline monitoring 
  • Glass break sensors 
  • Panic buttons 
  • Two-way voice intercom 
  • Video cameras 

SAFE Security also has other benefits. For instance, their systems are easy to set up and install, and customers can place them in their new residence before they even move. However, SAFE does not have all the advanced features that Protect America provides.  

The Disadvantages of SAFE Security (Cons)

Although SAFE provides monitoring by cellular phones, rumor has it that this company does not have a phone app. Furthermore, no online chat support is available, and email responses from this company are typically slow.  

Many customers do report having been satisfied with this company’s equipment and monitoring services, but some customers do state that SAFE’s customer service performance is just “awful.” It could take 72 hours or longer to get even some of the simplest issues resolved. 


Switch to Protect America for superior customer service

It’s not enough to just have superior equipment. Customers need to also know that their immediate concerns are addressed no matter how minor they may seem. Protect America provides more than one way to communicate such as through live chat, online support and phone calls. In addition, we have the option of monitoring home systems using a smartphone app.  

If you need product or service support, we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with very little wait times. Furthermore, our emergency response team is fully trained and licensed to respond quickly in any scenario.  

Haven’t yet made the switch to Protect America? Contact us any time with questions you might have, or request a free quote from Protect America right now.