Purchasing home security is an important decision. The safety of your house, belongings, and family is at stake with this decision. That is why it is so important that you choose the company that has the best features for your individual needs. One of the up and coming home security companies out there right now is Safe Touch. It is gaining some fans, and may be a company you are considering as a choice. Before you make that decision, however, here are some pros and cons you should know about Safe Touch Security.


Some Safe Touch Security System Pros

Here are some of the pros of the Safe Touch Security System. These are features that are attracting customers to the company.

  • It is relatively inexpensive, as far as home security companies go, with plans starting at just a little over $20 a month.
  • The control panel is HD, has a built-in five megapixel camera, and is user-friendly.
  • You can monitor everything going on in your home, including watching live video, with an app.
  • The app allows you to access, customize, and control any feature of the alarm from anywhere.
  • If the control panel is damaged, it will alert the company to send help to your house.

Regarding their remote monitoring feature, their website has this to say:

” Watch live feeds from your property right on your phone, tablet or computer. See what’s happening anywhere on your property, at any time. Smarter than traditional stand-alone video monitoring, Safe Touch offers video monitoring that is connected to your security system, allowing you to set recording triggers when activity is detected.”

Some Safe Touch Security System Cons

No company is perfect, and not every company is one size fits all. What may be ideal for you may not suit another customer, and vice versa. It is important to be aware of potential cons about a company before buying their security offering. Here are some things most customers may consider to be cons regarding Safe Touch.

You have to pay more to get better features. The company has three monthly plans, and the most basic does not include anything fancy, like remote access control, or even two-way communication with whoever is outside your door. Even motion-triggered alerts, which are standard features of most security companies, are not in the basic plan at Safe Touch. You will have to pay more if you want anything resembling exemplary security.


The company does not post prices for their plans online. While the plans and all the different features they include are on the website, clicking on the link to “get started” will only take you to a page where you input your personal contact information to allow a representative to call you. This kind of lack of transparency in pricing usually means the representative who calls you will put the so-called “hard sell” on you on the phone, to try and get you to purchase a more expensive plan you may not need.

Is There a Better Alternative to Safe Touch?

If you prefer a company with a more established reputation and a professionally monitored security program, then Protect America is a better choice for you. The company has been providing home security to satisfied customers since 1992, and is a nine-time Consumer Digest Best Buy winner. With locked-in rates and a price matching guarantee that assures you always get the lowest price on the market for the same level of service, you can’t go wrong with Protect America.

The equipment is professionally installed for you for free, and your home is professionally monitored around the clock. This is the very definition of superior home security. If this kind of established, professional company with guaranteed low prices for only a three year contract is what your home needs, contact us today for a free quote.