An important part of home ownership is keeping family and property safe. It is not only about security and peace of mind, but it is also a responsibility. That responsibility extends to selecting the right security system and equipment.


In order to determine which home security system to select, homeowners need to know the facts. For starters, selecting a security system mostly depends upon the type of home. While a single-family home has a lot more to secure, a town home or condominium can typically use a more streamlined type of security system. Additionally, homeowners need to know the choices available for an automated home security system, for flexibility and more control. With a Safeguard Security System, there is a wide range of possibilities to help homeowners make an informed decision regarding their home security.

Fact One – Video Monitoring

Video monitoring will allow homeowners full access to the areas of the home they choose. Although many security systems have stand-alone cameras, and Safeguard is one of them, a Safeguard Security System with video monitoring provides full access from anywhere. Video monitoring can be done through their smartphone, computer or tablet. The access provides a great deal of comfort knowing the interior or exterior of the home can be viewed at any time, especially when on vacation. Video monitoring, using a Safeguard Security System, also allows homeowners and caretakers the ability to keep an eye on children while they’re away. Considering monitored home security? Get a free quote today from Protect America!

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Fact Two – Home Automation

Home security has been enhanced through the years and mostly because of the feedback received from homeowners. Safeguard is one of the many companies that took the feedback and updated their security system packages. Currently, home automation is considered an elite feature by homeowners in order to stay interactive with their home when necessary. Safeguard home automation allows homeowners to control specified features, such as the thermostat, lighting, doors, locks, and windows. However, another fact is that home automation is not a cure for preventive measures that must still be taken by homeowners.

Fact Three – Contract Selection

As with most security companies, Safeguard offers a standard contract. However, it’s important that homeowners choose carefully. A homeowner should take into account the planned time to remain in the home. With a Safeguard Security System, many homeowners may not benefit from an extended contract if they do not plan to stay in their home beyond 3-5 years, which is a typical Safeguard contract. However, it is possible for a homeowner to create a custom contract that is more advantageous to their lifestyle. There used to be a time when homeowners would remain in their home for 10, 15, or 20 years, before moving; however, nowadays people are choosing to uproot themselves sooner, especially millennials. A custom contract for a Safeguard Security System may cost more.


It’s imperative for a homeowner to choose the home security system and equipment that they can trust, with a company that is dependable. Established in 1992, Protect America is now the 14th largest residential home security in the U.S., and the company is a nine-time recipient of the Consumer Digest Best Buy Award. With a longtime commitment of providing 24/7 monitored home security, the company has received a 98% satisfaction from customers when randomly surveyed by Top Consumer Reviews.

Protect America benefits:

  • Up to 1,400 in free security equipment (contract required).
  • A professionally and fully trained monitoring staff.
  • Exceptional customer support before, during and after installations.
  • A guaranteed lock-in rate.

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