SafeMart Home Security is also known as Live Watch.  The home security is about a customized wireless security system because they recognize that every household is different.


Why SafeMart Is Safe

  • The ease of installation for a SafeMart Home Security system makes it appealing to those who prefer installing their systems. It only requires a plugin to start up.
  • SafeMart can create multiple geofences. Each geofence is easily set with specific rules in place for each.
  • Internet and wifi often go down and leaves a homeowner without a way to secure their home.  SafeMart works with smartphone data, so the user has access to their security system even when the internet fails, or if the person is across the country.
  • Batteries often go forgotten. When one fails, it is typically at the most inconvenient time. SafeMart Home Security has a backup battery with a 24-hour lifespan to give the homeowner a chance to replace it without sacrificing home safety.
  • Z wave technology is the new evolution of automation. SafeMart is part of the sparking interest in Z wave technology.


  •  ASAPer is an As Soon As Possible emergency response is utilized by SafeMart Home Security to alarm a family when an alarm is triggered.
  • Chatrooms of the 1990’s were an easy way to communicate online. ASAPer is a messaging hub that acts as a chatroom between the owner and their family unit. The monitoring station also has access to the conversation to decipher whether it is a false alarm, gauge if anyone is at home to reset the signal, or if law enforcement becomes required.
  • The monitoring center can dispatch fire, medical, and police to home by using ASAPer.  The contacts that are triggered by the alarm receive and give input on the status of the home’s safety.
  • Contacts in your ASPer part of your SafeMart Home Security system can choose to be contacted by cell phone call, email, or even through secure text messages.

 SafeMart Safeguards

Plugging in SafeMart seems easy. However, easy is not always the entire truth.  Factors should be taken into account when installing the SafeMart Home Security. For instance, is the home pet-friendly?  Sensors and motion detectors require a different installation to limit the false alarms a dog or cat may set off accidentally.

User-friendly touchscreens are always a generous offering by any automated security service. The built-in cameras allow for a homeowner to monitor their house from the other side of the country through a smartphone app.

Safemart does guarantee their work by offering a full refund if the consumer finds their security system is not the right fit. They even provide a two-year warranty if a single year does not soothe someone’s concerns.

Crash & Smash Protection automatically initiates an alarm if someone tries to destroy any connected devices. Personal safety is essential to SafeMart.


Location-based Control gives the control to the homeowner to set their automatic thermostat or light system to turn off when they are away.

  • Safemart offers home automation with any Z wave brand you prefer.
  • It is deemed as the fastest in-home security system.
  • It has Crash and Smash technology.
  • Safemart has a low price guarantee.
  • Safemart has three monitoring stations that are UL listed.
  • The ASAPer provides a fast solution to responding to alarms through a “chatroom” of registered contacts and the monitoring station.
  • The system has an A+ rating on BBB.
  • Devices come with a money-back guarantee.

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