Who is Safetouch?

Safetouch Home Security, like many smaller companies has a regional presence with mixed reviews about their products and services, which are offered in the Southeast part of the United States. Their Jacksonville home office provides service to that part of Florida but they also offer home security and monitoring services in Tampa, Tallahassee, Orlando and Savannah. Their company is an authorized General Electric (GE) dealer in the U.S. for home security and monitoring. If you do not live in or near any of these cities in Florida or Georgia, then it is recommended that you just go with another provider.



It is also recommended that anyone that is interested in possibly hiring this company for their home or business security system installation be aware of some of the available information about the company. Do your research to find out if this is a service that is worth your time and money as a business owner or homeowner. Continue reading to learn what the pros and cons of using Safetouch Home Security is. If you have further questions about security systems and installations, don’t hesitate to give Protect America a call today to get some sensible answers to those questions.


According to at least one source, SafeTouch discounted monthly rate of $24.95 is only available if you prepay the entire contract amount upfront, which is around $900. If not paid upfront, it will cost about $35 per month after a soft credit check is completed. That being said, if you have the dough to pay upfront, then you can save some money in the long run. The company’ s equipment and installation is high quality and they offer a 45-second response guarantee to their customers. They have difficulty keeping pace with leaders in the home and business security industry, according to the source. They also claim to offer the installation with no money down. There is also the offer of lifetime parts and labor replacement warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

SafeTouch offers a security system package that comes with a voice-enabled command center, door and window sensors, pet-immune motion detector and a backup battery for the whole operation. You can expect to be contacted by a SafeTouch representative in less than one minute if the system is triggered in any way, so you can be assured that the response time is useful at least. Should you decide within a 30-day time frame that you are not satisfied with the system or the service, then you are entitled to a full refund from the company as part of their money back guarantee policy.


One major limitation is their availability. There is limited availability for Safethouch. Also, a 36-month contract is required.
Along with that, there is the automatic two-year renewal that is often not clear to the customer upon signup and that has drawn much of the complaints about this company that has received a B from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an organization that ranks companies by their reputation in the public consumer sphere. Safetouch as a whole has had numerous issues with transparency according to reviews and ratings online.


One type of complaint from customers is of poor equipment quality, though some say the equipment is fine. Where it can become a problem is when the alarms are not triggered when they should be. That can pose a threat to safety. SafeTouch is only available in two states: Florida and Georgia. Many of the top industry professionals in this industry of home security companies have a nationwide presence. SafeTouch’s 36-month minimum contract requirement may be too much a commitment for many new home or small business security customers. Safetouch does not give you an option to pay a month-to-month contract after the initial two years. You must specify that with the company and likely negotiate that type of payment setup with them. SafeTouch will automatically roll the contract over into an additional two years.


  • SafeTouch provides adequate level home security to homes and businesses in Florida and Georgia, but it’s confusing contract terms and poor consumer reviews makes it a hard decision to make.
  • And poor equipment and limited availability make the company insufficient compared with many leading home security solutions on the market.

“The actual security product is fairly good and easy to use, but they have terrible customer service and seem to be expensive compared to competitors, especially when using their mobile access. Also – they will not close out a contract even if you sold, moved and no longer own the home – they insist you pay the remaining months of your automatically-renewed contract. They expect to get paid for not providing service. For this reason, I would not recommend them.” —Tony S. Jacksonville Resident, Yelp! Review

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