Security systems are immensely important in today’s technologically driven age. Fortunately for us, security systems are more affordable than they have ever been while also being more advanced and effective than ever. With so many great options available on the marketplace, it can be hard to find the right system to take home. Today, we are going to take a closer look at one of the most prominent retailers in the United States of America: Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club is known for carrying just about every product known to man, so it stands to reason that they have their own prominent security systems available. Keep on reading to see an in-depth look at Sam’s security systems.


What Features Should I Look For In A Sam’s Security System

When shopping for a security system, it is important to remember that no two systems are going to be exactly the same. From craftsmanship to features, differences between systems are going to be the primary factor in deciding which system to take home. Today, we’re going to highlight the key features that consumers need to be aware of when they begin shopping for a quality home security system.

Sam’s Club offers an extensive list of home security systems that range from minimalist to all-inclusive. With a wide variety of systems, there is a range of pricing options available to match every budget.

Let’s go ahead and start our discussion by rounding out the core components that we’ve come to expect from quality security systems. Consumers will be able to find an option from Sam’s Club that meets each and every one of these feature baselines.

DIY Installation – The vast majority of systems from Sam’s Club are able to be installed without the assistance of a professional technician.

DVR Recording – While some wireless systems will upload their data to the cloud, the vast majority of security systems will feature a DVR with a large hard drive.

Premium Video Quality – Now, we’ve drifted into the realm of personal opinion vs. personal needs. There are security systems that offer all manner of video recording quality. From 720p to 4k, the choices are limitless at Sam’s Club.

Indoor/Outdoor – Next up, we have to decide what kind of system we want for our property. Do we want an indoor recording system or one that can record outdoors? Do we want both?

Price Point –  As can plainly be seen, there are going to be pricing options for just about every budget level. Finding one that meets a specific budget should be easy.


What Are The Best Sam’s Security Systems?

As can plainly be seen, there are  a variety of different features that must be considered when seeking out a security system from Sam’s. Fortunately, there are quite a wide array of choices and we are going to take a moment in order to highlight a couple of them. These are our favorite home security systems that are currently available via Sam’s.

Q-See 32-Channel Surveillance System – With 16 cameras and a 3TB hard drive, this system is perfect for large properties.

Swann 4-Channel 1080p Wireless Security – This security system is ideal for smaller homes and apartments. A wireless set-up, the Swann 4-Channel system comes with two high-quality bullet cameras.

Lorex 8-Chanel Surveillance – Finally, we’re taking time to highlight t his Lorex model. Lorex is renowned for their quality and this 4x bullet camera set-up is ideal for average sized, single-family homes.

Protect America Is The DIY Security System You Can Trust

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