Interested in Samsung DIY Security Camera Systems?

Home security is something that everyone should have and the first step is the purchase and installation of surveillance cameras. While Samsung is moving away from full-service security programs, their products are still available to customers looking to go the DIY route.


  • Samsung does offer partnered services with security behemoth ADT if you want their services
  • ADT and Samsung now offer co-branding on former Samsung home security products
  • “If you purchase any Samsung / ADT products you can often get a discount on a TV (this is not a joke!)”

If you are anything like us, the fact that a company selling security products is also offering discounts on TVs may decrease your level of confidence in their products. While their products may be of an alright quality, the fact that their systems have had so many issues with lights turning on at odd hours and alarms going off all night, we do not have a high level of confidence in recommending their products.

Monitored Systems Provide a Much Higher Level of Security than DIY Kits

Many consumers install surveillance cameras in order to keep tabs on their babysitter or cleaning lady, or to be able to see what antics Fido gets up to during the day. For those purposes, a simple wifi camera with remote access will do the job quite nicely. However, if your neighborhood has had a rash of burglaries or you live in an area with a lot of natural disasters, having a more robust system in place will likely prove beneficial.

Having a motion detection system that sends you a text that it has been activated will allow you to see an intruder robbing you blind while you are stuck at the office. Of course, once you see the footage you will immediately call the authorities. But what happens if you are somewhere without cell service? Or you are stuck in a meeting without your phone? Receiving texts and email alerts is not going to do much to protect your home and family if you don’t see them until it is too late!


Luckily, there are security systems that are monitored by real people all day, every day. For as little as around $32/month, you can have a real live human being checking out any alerts that your system sends out. If they don’t hear from you in a specified period of time, they will go ahead and notify the local emergency services department for you. Doesn’t that sound better than missing a text that your house is on fire because you were at the movies?

In all seriousness, home protection is an important part of modern day living, and having a system that meets your needs can really help you sleep better at night! If you are looking for a higher level of security that a DIY kit can provide, it is time to check out a full-service security company. Knowing that your family is protected, no matter the circumstances is essential in this day and age, and a full-service monitoring company can provide that level of service.

Want a More Robust Security System than Samsung Can Provide? Take a Look at Protect America

Protect America is a well-established fully-monitoring home security company with over 25 years of experience. If you want to learn more about their features and benefits, such as free installation, equipment credits up to $1,400 and a price-match guarantee, call (800) 951-5190 or complete their online form to learn more and receive a free quote today!