Samsung only offers home monitoring equipment. The monitoring service is ADT, a well-known name with a mixed reputation. Samsung is a name you may recognize as a brand that sells televisions, stereo equipment, and even cell phones. What you may not know, is Samsung security systems are also a part of the company’s product line. They say they offer, “Ultimate home security,” but what does that mean for you?


What Does Samsung Security Systems Offer?

From the start, you’re given the option to choose a starter kit and an expansion kit – when combined you get:

  • ADT Security Hub
  • ADT Motion Detector
  • (2) ADT Door and Window Detectors

Throw in the expansion pack and you also get:

  • ADT Smoke Alarm
  • ADT Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • ADT Water Leak Detector

One thing you may immediately notice is that all products in the Samsung security system are developed specifically for ADT. ADT doesn’t offer Samsung products in their packages, however. Does that mean you have to buy your Samsung system then contact ADT? Can your current ADT hardware integrate with Samsung products? There are a lot of questions to consider, right?

“According to the Better Business Bureau, 94% of all customer reviews for ADT Security Services are negative. AND, there are nearly 3,500 customer complaints as of August, 2018.”

How to: From Installation to Maintenance

With Samsung security systems, you’re the installer and maintenance person. That may not sound difficult but the instructions are quite lengthy and detailed. With the ADT Hub, for instance, you have to locate a secure spot for installation with no sunlight, out of reach of children; attach the mounting plate, attach the desk mount, connect the power cord, install a power retaining bracket that’s ANSI/NFPA 70 National Electric Code, and more.

That’s just for the Hub – you haven’t even started on the WiFi setup, sensors, or smart detectors. There’s a separate page for each of those devices, as well.

Once you’ve followed all the directions, connected each smart device to your ADT hub and installed them around the house you are set – unless you actually want professional monitoring. That’s where ADT comes in.

So, you not only have to purchase the Samsung security system products, but you have to sign a three-year contract with ADT just to monitor your home.

Is There a Simpler (Less Expensive) Option Offering the Same State-of-the-Art Security?

With Protect America, you have access to the same advanced, Smart Home technology, but the process is a bit different.


  • Require self-installation
  • 24/7 professional monitoring


  • Protect America includes $1400 in free equipment.
  • All prices are eligible for price match – so your wallet doesn’t take a huge hit.
  • Smart home upgrades not available from Samsung, including Smart Door Lock Control, Garage Door Control, and Smart Lighting.

Ready to take control of your safety? Get a FREE quote from Protect America today – no obligations.


Why Should Equipment and Monitoring Come From the Same Company?

Sure, Samsung is a trusted name in electronics, but how many people working in the ADT technical department are trained in troubleshooting your Samsung devices? We’d guess that number is just about – ZERO.

Protect America, however, supplies the equipment, so all support services come from a team trained in the exact equipment in your home. There’s no need to call one company to troubleshoot your equipment and another company to ensure the equipment is being monitored correctly.

The reason we have Smart home security systems and Smart devices is to make life easier, not to complicate the process of home security. Once things get complicated, customers get disenfranchised, and soon find out they’re stuck with a three-year professional monitoring contract with a company that offers no support for the equipment being monitored.

Consumer Reports recently updated their list of top DIY security systems – ranking each by price. Where do Samsung security systems and ADT fall on the list?

Out of nine systems (with monitoring) Samsung is likely to cost the consumer about $1,300 more than the least expensive option, Ring Alarm. All-in-all, Samsung prices are in the top three MOST expensive choices.

Why are you considering paying more again?