The importance of feeling secure in one’s home cannot be understated. But, even smart devices have moments of failure. The Samsung Smartcam Home Security Camera is no different in that regard. However, there are ways to troubleshoot issues without calling Samsung customer service, or waiting for return contact after putting in a bug report or ticket.

Let’s Just Start Over

The Samsung Smartcam app requires a download through the Android Marketplace or iPhone App Store. Ensure that the new Smartcam app initiates and connects. Pulling up the settings menu is essential to reset the preferences previously used.

In order to make the setup more accessible, the app provides step-by-step instructions on how to power-up the camera. Making sure the right camera is selected may require a second look at the model number.

Professional technicians at Protect America will give a free quote if installing or reinstalling equipment goes awry.

Password Change Upon Reset

All passwords should be unique. The one for a security system is even more so because it is the difference between safe and compromised. 

When the camera powers up and connects to the smartphone app, a new password will be required. But, the Samsung Smartcam does not accept forward or backward slashes, spaces, or question marks.

The screen should flash “Password Accepted!”  Once connected and logged in smoothly, it is time to move on with resetting your Samsung Smartcam.

Samsung SmartCam models are Wi-Fi only and must be connected to your network through the Samsung SmartCam app first, then connected to the SmartThings Hub as an existing camera.”

Smartcam Will Not Connect to Smartphone

  • Make sure the camera and smartphone app remain on the same network.
  • Cycle the camera’s energy source by unplugging the device for 30 seconds.
  • Factory reset the camera. Note: The factory reset is the steps laid out in “Starting Over.”

Error! Error! “Camera Unavailable”

  • Make sure that the light on the camera is green to rule out issues with the network connection.
  • Change the camera resolution using the smartphone app used to connect to the camera and vice-versa.
  • Reboot and refresh tiles on the camera device option.
  • Switch between LTE and Wi-Fi in the smartphone’s settings.

Camera Message Screaming “There was a problem retrieving live stream.”

  • Force the smartphone app off and back on.
  • Switch between LTE and Wi-Fi in smartphone settings.
  • Reboot the camera hub by pressing the red button on the back.

Other Possible Smartcam Troubles

Wi-Fi connectivity is not always the most reliable part of our lives. However, keeping a home safe and secure requires a double-checking of the Samsung Smartcam Home Security Camera. Moving the camera closer to the router and checking settings may clear up the issue in a quick fashion.


Where is the live stream or footage? Why has it gone dark? The night vision of the camera is not operating correctly. The general menu in the settings will enable the night vision option and turn on the infrared lighting. The video and stills received are a crisp black and white.

If the night vision option is disabled at night, the video will not automatically switch to black and white more.

The wide dynamic range option also knows as the WDR will activate the backlight compensation function.

No one has the time to monitor their security footage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, we at Protect America not only have eyes on your eye in the sky at all times, we never charge an installation fee if the hassle is not worth your time.