A wireless camera set up is an excellent option for home security. Such a system allows you to view your home and see what’s happening on your home scene. A Samsung wireless security camera shows you what’s going on in your home when you can’t be there. A granny cam ensures that vulnerable individuals are all right, to keeping an eye on the nanny, cameras can be an asset. Yet, as T3 states:

“Even they if they’re not a genuine replacement for a monitored security system with ear-piercing alarm. They’re significantly more affordable however, and can be incredibly useful if you’ve got an elderly relative or pet you want to know is safe, even if you’re at work, or away on holiday. At the tap of a button, smart cameras let you see what’s going on in your house. Watching the interior and exterior of the house.”


Look at That

Samsung cameras are one tool to use for individuals who want to go DIY with home security. Samsung is partnering with ADT, and they are co-branding the former Samsung security products, as Samsung is moving away from full security programs. It has been noted that “If you purchase any Samsung / ADT products you can often get a discount on a TV (this is not a joke!).” While the TV discount could potentially lure some people, there have been some issues with Samsung systems “with lights turning on at odd hours.”

Beyond the issue with the poltergeist effects of lights going on and off, consider your home security systems requirements. A camera, no matter how comfortable you may be with the DIY approach, while a great asset to a home security system, may not meet all of your needs. For example, your child’s caregiver bribing the kid with candy at bedtime can be taken care of at a time that’s convenient for both parties. A burst pipe, a severe fall for a frail or elderly family member, or someone trying to break into your home is a time-sensitive matter. This is when it’s vital to have a monitored home security system in place.

Cameras are excellent for:

  • Surveillance of the exterior and interior of your property.
  • Aiding elderly and vulnerable individuals.
  • Seeing what your dog does all day while you’re at work.

Get Backing that Goes Beyond a Text

The difference between a monitored, and an unmonitored home security system is that with the former you have a  professionally managed home security system that responds to an emergency immediately, from a fire to a burglary, by alerting first responders; with the latter, you may get a text message, and it is your responsibility to alert the proper authorities, from the police to the fire department. Seriously, if the day comes when the alert sounds, you had better hope that you haven’t turned off your phone to have a heart-to-heart talk with your best friend or taking a conference. That is the time when you want the lights that have been known to go off on the Samsung camera to go off, but according to Murphy’s law, that probably won’t happen. DIY does have its place, but perhaps it might be advisable to start with smaller projects and then work up to the home security system that protects your home, possessions, and family.


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