Scarsdale Security Systems is a small home security company serving the families and businesses of Scarsdale, New York. Employing only 100 employees, Scarsdale is definitely a small security company. If you’re checking out Scarsdale, you’re probably looking for that degree of service only a local company can offer. However, be aware, there are several disadvantages to going with a small, local security company.


High Upfront Costs

The first disadvantage to going with a small company like Scarsdale Security Systems is that you’re going to pay high upfront costs. Buying a home security system from Scarsdale will set you back $199. Spending almost $200 dollars on a home security is just too much.

By comparison, Protect America offers home security packages with $0 in equipment costs. That means that you won’t have to save for 2 months to afford a home security system.

High Monthly Monitoring Costs

In addition to their high upfront costs, Scarsdale Security also offers high monthly monitoring costs. Scarsdale’s monthly monitoring rates are around $35.95 per month. Again, almost $40 per month in monitoring is just too much.

By comparison, Protect America offers monthly monitoring rates starting at $19.99 per month. Now, a difference of $15.96 might not seems like a lot, but over the length of a standard 36 month contract, you’ll end up spending $574.56 more in monthly monitoring. That’s right, with Scarsdale, you’ll be overpaying by almost $600 for your monthly monitoring.

Long Contracts

A particularly upsetting fact about Scarsdale Security Systems is their extraordinarily long contract lengths. Scarsdale offers a 5 year contract on their security systems. That’s a very, very, very long contract.

At Protect America, we offer a standard 36 month agreement. At the end of that agreement, customers go month to month and we have to earn their business each month. Obviously, Scarsdale is less concerned with earning their customers’ business.


Incomplete Security Packages

Another upsetting fact about Scarsdale Security Systems is that they offer extremely limited security packages. For example, Scarsdale only offers 2 door/window sensors. That’s ridiculous. When was the last time you were in a house with only 2 doors or 2 windows? Scarsdale obviously isn’t concerned with protecting your entire home.

By comparision, Protect America offers 14 door/window sensors in its Platinum Package. If you’re trying to protect your entire home, the choice is clear.

Need Help? Get a Free Consultation

If you’re looking for the best in home security, Scarsdale Security Systems shouldn’t be your top choice. At Protect America, we understand that shopping for alarm systems can be very time-consuming. Home security isn’t the easiest topic to understand. If you’re ever looking for a point in the right direct, Protect America offers a complimentary consultation with a security expert. Call our main line today to get the information you need.