Home security systems were created to add an additional sense of safety and security to home and business owners. These systems are set up to alert monitoring professionals-who have access to alert the local police and fire departments- in case of break-ins, fires, and even flooding. Home security systems are a great asset for a homeowner, as they can add value to the home overall. Fully installed, professionally monitored home security systems can also save consumers on their homeowner’s insurance premiums and costs. These systems are also recommended for renters who want to have added protection for their families and safeguard their property.


DIY home security systems are becoming more popular with time and the rate at which they are being purchased is growing exponentially. This is due to the ease of use and self-installation and cost savings for the system, maintenance overall and remote access via mobile apps. More and more, consumers are leaning toward making purchases of home security systems online and not having to wait around for installation. One of the more popular home security systems that many are purchasing is the Scout Home Security System.

What is a Scout Home Security System?

Scout Home Security is a well-known and widely used, customizable system that can be purchased online and securely installed directly by the consumer. A basic Scout home security system consists of a hub, door panel sensor, motion sensor and a door or window sensor. These sensors are sensitive to movement, extreme heat which may indicate the presence of a fire, glass breaking, etc. The Scout Home security system will trigger an alarm in the event of any of those occurrences. Scout Home security systems are available in Arctic White or Midnight Black to match with your home décor. You can order as many additional sensors as needed based on your space to complete your fully monitored, tailored home security package.

What are the Three Main Things I Should Know About the Scout Home Security System?

  • The Scout Home Security System is Fully Customizable– You can purchase as many sensors as you need for your home to cover all windows and doors. In addition, you can purchase fire and water (flood) sensors and a plethora of additional accessories from the website.
  • Price Point for the Scout Home Security System– Depending on the package and any additional purchased accessories, a full system can start around $300 and run up to around $600 or higher depending on the plan and package. Their 24/7 professionally monitoring packages start at $99/month. Self-monitoring plans are $9.99/month. Their systems require no contractual agreement and the consumer can change their plan, or cancel the service at any time.
  • The Scout Home Security System Syncs with and is Pairable with Home Devices– With a monthly subscription, the Scout Home security system can be fully integrated with LIFX, Nest devices, and Philips Hue smart lighting,  as well as paired to recognize and follow Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice commands. It can also be fully programmed for IFTTT (If this, then that) to work with other IFTTT-enabled devices.
  • Where Can I Purchase a Scout Home Security System?- Scout Home security systems are widely available over the internet and can be purchased directly from the dealer itself or via other home security companies.

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