Scout is a DIY home security system from Scout Security. It was successfully funded via independent crowdsourcing, rather than Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Scout Security is focused on aesthetics and will release the system in white, black and wood finish. The next batches of Scout systems are expected to ship this quarter. Scout has no feedback or experience on the market. Instead, we recommend choosing a home security company that can offer you peace of mind with guaranteed reliable safety.


The Scout Base Package

Scout has a base hub that acts as the brain of your system. It is supposed to plug directly into your router to communicate with your Wi-Fi or cellular network with additional security devices that you might purchase. The total system comes with a motion detector, a panel, 2 door/window sensors and 2 key chains. It will cost you about $270. That’s a lot of money. Protect America provides free equipment with purchase of monthly monitoring. The Scout package also expects you to purchase additional devices such as smoke detectors, CO monitors and supplementary sensors. Additionally, most homes will need more than one motion detector. Remember with Scout, $270 is only the start of your system. You will end up spending much more than the base package price to secure your home if you choose Scout. And we haven’t even discussed the costs of home automation devices or security cameras. For much less, Protect America will secure the perimeter of your dwelling and provide a lifetime warranty for all the equipment you need.

Monitored Home Security

Scout is an unmonitored system. Monitored systems save precious time dispatching help at the exact moment of intrusion. Having a professionally monitored system provides a much higher level of security. Only monitored systems come with 24-hour surveillance by a professional security team. With unmonitored systems, you’re largely on your own as far as responding to an intrusion. Scout does offer live wireless monitoring for $19.99 a month, which is a nice option compared to other start-up systems. Scout also offers cellular back-up for a slightly higher monthly cost and an activation fee. However, Protect America will also professionally monitor your home for $19.99 only without the $270 price tag in proprietary Scout equipment.

Should you trust a crowd-funded security system?

Backing a crowd-funded project can always be a risk, and there‘s no guarantee. Do you really want to gamble with the security of your home and family? The Scout project is currently available for pre-order and expects to ship later this year. In the mean time, how are you going to protect your home? This product hasn’t had the chance to be reviewed by homeowners. This makes it a liability. Try a home security company that has a longer track record. Protect America has been safeguarding homes since 1992! That’s over 20 years of perfecting service. 


Proprietary Equipment

Scout has some limitations you should be aware of before buying a security system. Once you purchase Scout equipment and eventually decide to go with a different monitoring company, you will realize no one else can service the $300 worth of equipment you purchased from Scout. Many other companies allow you to transfer services to equipment you have previously purchased. If you purchase the Scout platform and realize you are unsatisfied with it, the equipment will only be able to collect dust for you. This also means when you switch services, you’ll have to purchase a whole new line of equipment.

Protect America comes with free equipment that can be used with almost any other monitoring service provider in the future. Protect America is interested in saving you money and time while also putting your safety above all.