Secom Home Security solutions offer 24/7/365 monitoring services. Secom Home Security is active throughout the world, with branches in the United Kingdom and Japan. There are multiple, tiered security packages including Home Secure, Home Secure Plus, and custom packages.

The largest markets for home security are in the United States and Europe. Protect America, ADT, and Protection 1 are examples of national providers in the United States, while the UK has companies like Bosch, Japan boasts Secom, Sweden has a company named Securitas—nice branding since “security” is built in the name.


The Best Features of Secom Home Security

  • Wireless home security solutions, with wired options.
  • Discreet installation that’s designed not to distract from home decor.
  • Maintenance checks to ensure that the system is still operating correctly.
  • Both internal and external sirens for discouraging criminal activity.
  • Custom add-ons such as pan and tilt IP cameras.
  • Sensors to detect carbon monoxide and other threats.
  • The ability to check on children and pets, to find out where they are.
  • Sensor lights that can turn on to distract and discourage criminals.
  • Pass code locks and biometric locks for improved door security.
  • Panic rooms that are designed to protect individuals during emergencies.

Signing Up for Secom Home Security

Secom Home Security provides both residential and commercial services throughout Japan and the United Kingdom. During installation, sensors are added throughout the home in a way that does not adversely impact the attractiveness of the home. The security system can be used in condos or single-family properties and can also be added to rental properties, making them an excellent solution for those who don’t own their home.

Intrusion monitoring, fire monitoring, and emergency notifications are all available through the system. Technicians will review a home before the installation occurs to calculate the costs and determine the optimal placement for all sensors and security appliances.

The Cost of Secom Home Security

Secom’s costs are based on whether equipment is rented or purchased and the size of the home. For renting an alarm in a three bedroom home, the price is a 10,000 yen monthly fee, with an installation cost of 130,000 yen and a security deposit of 20,000 yen. For purchasing an alarm in a three bedroom house, the price is a 5,000 yen monthly fee, in addition to a 600,000 yen cost for purchasing the entire system.

Services are custom-designed for the homeowner or renter, with a home controller that can be set to English. Due to the customization aspect, there is no base price for this service. Instead, the service costs are always calculated on the basis of the installation and the size of the property. Services offered via Secom may require a subscription and there is no way to get the equipment without the associated home monitoring service.


Secom Home Security is a large security company that offers a flexible service with a lot of value. At the same time, it currently only operates in Japan and the United Kingdom, and it can be extremely difficult to determine the actual costs of this service. As everything is done on a custom basis and modifications are based based on the system, whether it’s being rented, and the size of the home, the pricing is highly variable.

Though Secom has may of the technological features that individuals have come to expect from their security solutions, the pricing model does make it difficult to determine how valuable those features truly are. The products provided through Secom Home Security are also fairly limited, and they don’t include many of the more advanced smart home features that are now commonly available. On the other hand, they also include some significantly advanced but very expensive features (such as panic rooms).

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