There has never been a better time to purchase a home security system. The reason? Advances in technology and continued competition in the marketplace have led to security systems becoming more affordable than ever. Major retailers like Costco are now carrying security systems that are worth their price of purchase. Today, we are going to look at several different security camera systems from Costco to see which ones are the most value for their price point. We are going to highlight three specific models in our discussion: Arlo Pro Smart Home Security, Q-See 8×8 DVR 1TB Security System and finally the Lorex 8CH 4K DVR 2TB Security System.


Examining The Best Costco Security Camera Systems

Costco is one of the largest and most popular retailers in the entire United States of America, so it makes sense that they’re determined to get into the home security game. Once a company can provide everything a home requires to be secure, they’ve locked in a sizable portion of their shopping demographic. According to compiled research, it is never too soon to start seriously considering adding a home security system.

According to extensive research, burglars  will go out of their way in order to avoid homes that are protected by in-home security monitoring. Furthermore,  home security systems are the easiest way to deter potential criminals from bothering a household.

We’ve broken our discussion down into three simple, easy-to-follow miniature reviews. We’ll go step-by-step in order to analyze what each security system has to offer and why or why not they should be considered for Costco shoppers.

  • Arlo Pro Smart Home HD Wireless Security System –  Starting off our list is the Google-backed Arlo Pro Smart Home Security System. This system includes three cameras, a control hub, and the assorted mounts that are required to affix the cameras to higher locations. These cameras have 25 feet of night vision capability to go along with two-way audio controls. The video quality for this system tops out at 720p HD.
  • Q-See 8×8 DVR 1TB Security System – Next on our list is a more elaborate, fully fleshed home security system. The Q-See 8×8 is ideal for mapping larger properties with the security cameras required in order to keep them safe. This system comes with 8x Bullet Cameras and a 1TB DVD system for recording data. Cameras are rated at 2MP and they are recorded into HD. this is a larger system but the small price point makes it very popular.
  • Lorex 8CH 4K DVR 2TB Security System – Rounding out our list is the Lorex 8CH 4K DVR system. This high-quality security system comes with 4 bullet cameras that operate in 4K video quality. This is the absolute best video quality commonly available on the market and it may seem like overkill for smaller homes and businesses. Still, there is a ton to like here as the system even comes with color night vision — a rarity in the sector.

Which Costco Security System Is The Winner

After reviewing the three most popular Costco security camera systems, we’ve come to the conclusion that the  Arlo Pro Smart Home Wireless System is the best of the bunch. Arlo blended functionality with a sleek package and an affordable price. Members of Costco can immediately enjoy the benefits of this system by picking one up at their local store or ordering one online.


For Professional Home Security Monitoring Turn To Protect America

While it is impossible to deny the value and ability that the aforementioned Costco security systems offered, we find it equally difficult to turn away from affordable, professionally monitored home security systems such as those provided by Protect America. As one of the nation’s most cherished home security companies, Protect America works overtime to make sure that their customers are protected and secured around-the-clock.

Unlock other security companies, Protect America doesn’t charge installation fees and they always lock-in rates so that their customers aren’t prone to the whims of the market. Furthermore, security system plans can be customized and tailored to the exact fit of a potential customer. With free installation and affordable pricing, now is the perfect time to contact Protect America for a free estimate!