When it comes to having a quality security system, one of the most important things is to have good cameras. They need to be able to take quality pictures and video, because that information may be needed if there’s ever a break in or other issue. Both the authorities and the insurance company may ask to see what the camera saw. If the security system doesn’t have a good camera, that footage may not be possible — but it’s also important to hide the cameras as much as possible in the house, so anyone who does gain entry doesn’t automatically see the camera.


In order to do that more easily, there are now security cameras that are shaped like birds. Specifically, a camera that looks like a little owl — and it could easily be just a cute decoration sitting on a desk or a shelf.

Most people wouldn’t look closely enough at it to see that it’s a camera, and that’s part of the reason why it works so well.

People simply don’t notice it, so it goes on recording the way it’s designed to. That can help homeowners protect themselves, and also help make sure their cameras and other security equipment are less likely to be damaged or destroyed during a break in.

Shaped Security Cameras Are Becoming a Trend

There are a few security cameras being produced that will be available soon, and they’re shaped like birds and other animals. They’re designed for use inside the home, but it’s only a matter of time before there will be cameras like this that will also be used outdoors. These cameras are popular for a few reasons, including:

  • they may video surveillance less obvious
  • they’re just really cute
  • they don’t cost a lot of money
  • they can add a decorative touch to a home
  • they’re easier to hide in plain sight
  • they’re reliable and of good quality

Those are all great reasons for someone to choose a security camera that’s shaped like a bird, or one that’s shaped like a different type of animal. These decorative cameras are hard to distinguish from other types of knickknacks and small items that are typically used for decoration around the house. so they’re an increasingly good choice for homeowners.

Why Choose a Shaped Security Camera?

With so many homeowners interested in security today, getting the right kind of security system has become more of a focus. That’s also happening because there are so many options, where there were only a few companies and traditional systems in the past. Now these traditional companies and systems still exist, but they’re in competition with companies that offer DIY installation and a more complete focus on letting the homeowner get what they need. For homeowners who aren’t sure about the system they want, there are even ways they can build their own and add to it later.


How Bird Shapes Can Be Great Choices

Bird shapes are popular, since they’re cute in a lot of cases and they can also be placed in a number of different areas around the house without arising any kind of suspicion. Even being placed high up by the ceiling — where the camera can get a good view of the room — makes sense for a bird. So there’s less of a chance that a potential burglar or anyone else who shouldn’t be in the house is going to notice the camera. That can mean good footage for authorities and insurance, and a way to recover after a crime has been committed.

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