Home alarm systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially as homes that do not have a security system installed are up to 300% more likely of becoming targets for break-ins and robberies. Whether you are looking to upgrade the current security system you have in place throughout your home or if you are seeking a new monitoring service altogether, it is always important to thoroughly understand your protection needs while also keeping the cost and features you prefer in mind. Security Force is a well-known security company that offers security monitoring along with add-on services. Before choosing Security Force as your home security service, be sure to learn about Security Force prices, fees, and long-term commitment requirements for all new customers.


Security Force Plans

Security Force is a reputable home security monitoring company, offering a range of systems to customers that include:

  • A home alarm with a 72-hour backup battery
  • Wireless sensors that work with both doors and windows for motion detection and increased protection from potential criminals.
  • An indoor siren is provided to each client who opts to install Security Force services, helping to alert and deter burglars or other unwanted guests in your home.
  • Emergency panic buttons are also available to quickly alert authorities and local responders in the event of an emergency.
  • Lifetime warranties are one of the cornerstones of Security Force home monitoring services. With a lifetime warranty, never worry about the current state and function of your home alarm and always get the repair service you require in a timely manner using Security Force.

Contractual Agreements and Long-Term Commitment

One downfall of using Security Force is the requirement of signing a long-term contractual agreement, binding you to the service for a set period of time. If you are unsure of how long you plan on utilizing a home security company or if you are not convinced of keeping your security system in place, a written agreement prevents you from changing or canceling your service with Security Force without fees or paying the remainder of the balance you owe for the entire duration of your contract.


Installation Fees

While Security Force includes a lifetime warranty for all of their home monitoring customers, they also require a standard installation fee before activating your service. Installation fees are common among security companies, but can often range anywhere between $100 to more than $1200 depending on the company you have chosen and your security needs.

With more than $15.6 billion dollars in losses reported in 2016, it is no surprise that millions of individuals throughout the US are seeking new ways to boost the security they have for their home and other properties.

If you are looking to save on installation costs while taking more control over the security system setup you have in your home, consider ProtectAmerica. Contact us at ProtectAmerica.com today for more information regarding the home security equipment we have to offer along with plans available and affordable for you and the lifestyle you lead.