The protection of your home and family is important. Most new homes come equipped with home security systems and some homes just don’t have one. Whether you already have a security system or don’t this security system review should help you under stand why home protection is important.

In this security system review we will cover how a security system works, why it’s beneficial, and how you can get one at absolutely no cost to you.

How it Works

A security system is more than just equipment, sensors, and wiring. A security system has 2 major parts, alarm monitoring and security equipment.

Alarm Monitoring

The alarm monitoring is what connects your security system to the proper authorities and to a monitoring station. A monitoring station or sometime referred to as monitoring center is where your alarm transmits a signal to. Most larger home security companies have various stations across the United States or around the locations they cover. Once an alarm is triggered from your alarm system it automatically sends a signal to the station. Monitoring stations are always 24 hours and are there for your when your alarm goes off. They’re the people who call you when your alarm goes off and ask you if you’re okay. They will also verify by asking a security question and will call the proper authorities if the alarm is real.

Three Types of Monitoring

There are three types of monitoring and you can choose according to whichever is best fit to your budget, lifestyle, and living situation. There is normal land line, internet broadband, and wireless cellular. Each one of these have their advantage and each one has a unique feature.

Land Line Monitoring

Land line monitoring is the original way all home security systems once operated off of. This type of monitoring is connected a phone jack directly into your wall just the way a home phone is. Often times you have to connect a “line-grabber” where you have any home phone connected due to the alarm not being able to send a signal if your alarm is attempting to send a signal to the monitoring station while you’re on the phone. This will allow your alarm to communicate with the alarm station and will hang up your phone call if need be. Essentially what it’s doing is grabbing the phone line. Most burglars are familiar with cutting phone lines so land line monitoring has become a less popular option.

Broadband Monitoring

Broadband monitoring connects through your internet based telephone, or router and sometimes a modem. You connect your system using an ethernet wire which will directly connect to any of those options. This is also know as the fastest or quickest type of monitoring. If your internet connection is super fast, setting your alarm off for even a split second, you can trigger a call to your home. Some people prefer broadband over land line for reasons such as not having a regular home phone or having a VOIP phone.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular is the most modern and sought after home security monitoring. You don’t need a home phone or even need to have the internet in your home. Cellular monitoring operates and communicates using cellular towers to send and receive signals. Not only do you save money by not having to order a phone service or internet provider, but you also are safe from the dangers of internet outage and phone line cutting from burglars. This also means less wires and being able to place the actual panel of the security system anywhere.

The Benefits of a Security System

Most people don’t really think about getting an alarm system until they themselves get their home broken into or know someone near or close to them experience a burglar. In all reality it’s a scary thought but it does happen and can happen to you. Most burglaries aren’t premeditated and tend to happen between 6am to 6pm, while you’re at work. Here are a few of the benefits of having a security system from Protect America.

  • Free Equipment
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Peace of Mind
  • Discount on Home Owners Insurance
  • Home Protection
  • Environmental Sensors (Protect for Fire, Smoke, Flood, Carbon Monoxide)
  • Low Monthly Cost
  • Free Interactive Mobile App with Broadband or Cellular (Smart Connect)

Get a Free Security System

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