Security Systems of America provides residential video security and home automation services, as well as small business security systems. A small business itself, Security Systems of America has been in operation since 1972. Despite this experience within the market, though, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much a system will cost.


How Much Does Security Systems of America Cost?

Customers interested in Security Systems of America can request a “free” quote from their website. However, their services and their prices are not listed on their website itself, which often indicates that they are either expensive or negotiable.

Security Systems of America does have some promotions, such as a free alarm service. But this free alarm service is only open to new customers that already have existing equipment installed. Other promotions include ways to save, such as using autopay… and referrals, which could indicate that they are trying to turn their customers into sales professionals.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Security Systems of America is not entirely transparent with its costs. However, there are indications that there could be some hidden fees. For example, telephone activation fees appear to be required along with central station monitoring. Their website notes:

 Telephone activation fee may apply. Free system requires 36-month agreement and central station monitoring at prices starting at $24.95/month.

Thus, the monthly monitoring service is going to cost at least $25 and there could be some additional costs for other services.


Is Security Systems of America Worth the Cost?

For the most part, many customers have found Security Systems of America fairly reliable. The problem is that Security Systems of America is a small business that does not have a lot of technicians. Because it is a small company, you may not be able to move your system to another location if you decide to move. You may not always have a technician available to respond to your requests — and you may find that the monitoring service is not as responsive as you would desire. For these reasons, Security Systems of America may not be worth the cost. Larger providers are generally more valuable because:

  • They have access to better technology and resources.
  • They have employees and technicians constantly on call.
  • They can easily move service from one location to another.

Are you thinking about getting a security system with Security Systems of America? Before you get a quote, contact the security experts at Protect America.