Select Security is a home security company that offers basic security systems for homes and businesses with professional monitoring and options for automation. The company was founded in 1998 by Patrick Egan in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Taking a quick look at any of their reviews will tell you that there are much better selections out there for a home security company. Besides the fact that they have an F-rating on the Better Business Bureau due to their poor customer service, they also charge outrageously high fees for their monthly monitoring prices, up-front costs, and lock you into an insanely long contract.


Packages and Prices

Select Security offers a variety of starting packages to meet the needs of their customers, however, their basic and cheapest package is a cellular-based system. This package starts at $100 for the upfront costs and $54.99/month. In this very basic package, you’ll receive:

  • a panel
  • 3 door/window sensors
  • one motion sensor
  • and a key fob

A typical monitoring rate ranges from $30-$40; however Select Security is much more costly at $55 per month.  Some of these extra costs might be due to trying to recuperate some of the costs of providing a lifetime warranty.  But regardless the reason, it is one of the more expensive monthly rates for a starting package on the market.

For the same amount of equipment, you can save the up-front fees and over 50% on monthly monitoring from Protect America. We provide free equipment with purchase of monitoring and DIY guided installation is free as well. Protect America tries to provide the best deal for your money. We believe that home security should be affordable and easy. 

Contract Length

The standard length of a contract with Select Security is 60 months. That’s five years of your time that you’ll be stuck with this expensive and unreliable company if you sign up with their services! Generally, the normal length of a contract that most home security companies offer is 36 months. However, at Select Security you will be locked in for close to double the amount of time. Plus, with their very high monthly monitoring fees, if you select their most basic package and do not add any additional equipment you will have spent exactly $3,299.40 by then end of your term.

At Protect America, we offer the normal 36-month agreement and monthly monitoring can be as low as $19.99 a month. Once homeowner’s insurance discount is applied, it can reduce the cost of your security system immensely. Consider choosing Protect America today!


One of the only good things, if not the only good thing about Select Security’s offerings is their lifetime warranty. However, Protect America also offers a lifetime warranty on all products throughout the life of your contract. With Select Security, what’s the point of such a great offering when no one in the customer service department is there to provide you a solution? Consider Protect America, where we value the long-term safety of your home and family. 


Customer Service Issues

Based on their F-rating with the Better Business Bureau it is apparent that they have had some issues with customer service.  Many individuals felt that they were not dealt with fairly and that information was withheld at the time of installation. Another problem for the cost-conscious customer is the expensive monthly rate. Here is an example of a real customer review about Select Security:

There is no one local like they say there is and it takes FOREVER to even get help. We have an issue with our system EVERY MONTH. Low battery, motion detectors or just the system it self. VERY rude customer service.

And another individual with similar issues:

When a call is placed for a service technician, they promise they will call back but don’t. It does not matter if you have an urgent problem. Even placing an emergency service request goes on deaf ears.

The Bottom Line

If you are concerned about possible poor customer relations or cost savings then it might be wise to search elsewhere for your home security needs. Protect America provides excellent customer service and aims to provide the most affordable home security systems. Protect your home and your wallet with Protect America.