Select Security is one of the many companies in the home security industry that offers basic packages for home security intended for homeowners and business owners. These packages often include options for automation as well as professional security. If you’re interested in buying a home security package from Select Security, here is some information about how much money you can expect to pay.


Select Security Prices

If you decide to go with Select Security, you will be able to pick from a number of different starting packages. The cheapest package that Select Security offers is a system that is cellular-based. For this package, you will pay a minimum of $100 in upfront costs and about $55 in monthly fees. You will get a motion sensor, three sensors for your doors and windows, a key fob, and a panel for this package.

For a basic package, the monthly fee is very costly. Most companies charge $30 to $40 for monthly fees. However, Select Security charges a whopping $55 every month. Undoubtedly, the packages offered by Select Security are some of the most expensive in the entire industry. 


One reason why Select Security packages are so expensive may be the lifetime warranty. Unlike many other home security companies, Select Security offers a lifetime warranty for their equipment. Undoubtedly, the home security is one of the best things about Select Security as a company. However, there are companies like Protect America that offer a lifetime warranty without charging elevated monitoring fees.

Contract Length

Contract Length

The standard length of a Select Security contract is five years or 60 months. Therefore, if you decide to go with Select Security, you should make sure that you’re completely certain about your decision. Otherwise, you may end up being stuck with an expensive and unreliable service. The vast majority of home security companies offer contracts with a duration of three years or 36 months. The standard length of contracts at Select Security is almost double the standard length of contracts at other companies. Most homeowners end up spending about $3,300 on monthly monitoring fees for the most basic package by the end of the five years. If you go for an even more expensive package, you will spend thousands more by the end of the five months.

Customer Service Issues

Even though you’re paying a significant amount of money for the monitoring services of Select Security, you probably shouldn’t expect top-notch customer service. Select Security has an F-rating on Better Business Bureau. Undoubtedly, they have major issues when it comes to providing quality services. Some customers feel that they were not fairly treated and were misled during the installation process. 

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