Select Security is a small home security company that has expanded to 10 total locations across the United States. Their home base is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are a local home security company, which means that they only serve localities surrounding their offices.


Don’t Trust Local Home Security

Select Security is a local home security company. While it may feel like local businesses are closer to home and more trustworthy, the reality is that these smaller scale security companies are simply not as reliable. They don’t have the capacity to provide comprehensive coverage for their customers, and their security monitoring is simply unable to provide the robust protection that national companies can afford. Furthermore, because the overhead to running a home security company with professional monitoring is so high, they are unable to bring down costs, meaning that the customer will have to carry a higher burden of both monthly and upfront fees.

Price and Products

First of all, we don’t like that Select Security does not provide details about their rates or their equipment on their website. It’s hard to find interest in something when you don’t even really know what they are truly offering. We believe in transparency and providing as much concrete information as we can online (rather than just vague promises).

Select Security’s basic and most inexpensive package starts at $54.99 a month with a $100 start up cost. With this package, you get the following:

  • 1 touch screen panel
  • 3 door/window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • Siren
  • Key fob

This package includes cellular monitoring and a smartphone app that can control the entire home security system.

Another downfall of small local home security companies is that they are not able to provide a variety of options that fit the needs of different households. This is a pricey baseline package, and that upfront cost is quite a fee. Furthermore, although they offer a lifetime warranty, their equipment needs to be professionally installed, so the service charge for replacing a touch screen will still cost $50.


The Contract

Select Security signs contracts that are 60 months long. This is absurd. The industry standard is 36 months, as reflected in the contract lengths of Protect America and other leading national home security firms.

Bottom Line

Home security should be affordable, and monitoring plans should be flexible to fit the needs of different households and different families. Select Security simply does not provide reasonable rates for their services, and their extremely long contracts reflect a lack of commitment to building relationships with their customers. There are many better and more affordable options for home security out there.