When it comes to great security companies, customers want to know their options. One of the ways they can find out if a company might be right for them is to consider what others are saying about that company and its services. That’s where reviews come in — they can provide good insight into the value a company is offering with their security monitoring services. Select Security is one company that most customers seem to have mixed opinions on. While it has some good reviews, it also has some customers who are very unhappy with the service they received or the contractual obligations they were asked to meet. It’s important to read reviews before choosing a security company, in order to reduce the chances of getting locked into a bad contract.


What Customers Are Saying About Select Security

When it comes to Select Security, customers are saying that the length of the contract and the difficulty getting out of that contract without excessive fees and a lot of hassle makes working with the company frustrating.

Some customers are also not happy with the quality and reliability of the service, and they feel that the equipment they were given isn’t as high of a quality as it should be for the price they have been asked to pay.

When customers become unhappy with those kinds of things about a monitored security company, they generally want to tell other people in order to help other consumers avoid having the same problem. Still, there are homeowners who are very happy with Select Security, and not everyone finds the company to be a problem. Some people really like it, and feel that they are getting a good service.

Does the Company Offer Good Value for the Price?

The majority of customers who reviewed Select Security don’t feel good about the value they are getting for the price. They feel that the cost of the system and monitoring is too high for something that isn’t completely reliable. They are also bothered by the installation costs, and by the quality of the equipment that is used in their home. Whether the company offers good value is subjective, though, as some homeowners are happy with it. That could be due to a better experience for those particular individuals, or the idea that they possibly had a more problematic or expensive company in the past.


How To Pick the Best Home Security Company

Picking a home security company shouldn’t be completely based on reviews. There are other things to consider, as well. But when a customer is trying to pick the best company for their needs, they want to consider things such as:

  • 24/7 monitoring capabilities
  • ease of installation
  • reliable protection
  • fast response times
  • friendly customer service
  • good quality equipment

In order to get the right company for their needs, customers should do their research before committing to an alarm company contract.

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