The home security market today is flooded with all types of security systems that will best suit your needs. Whether you are a DIY person or you prefer professionally monitored security systems or you would rather be your own boss and monitor your house yourself, all that is available in the market today. While Protect America, a national security company that is dedicated to protecting homes and families through monitored home security will always advise you to opt for professionally monitored security system, you might also prefer to be your “own security company” using your smartphone. There are several options ranging from personal devices that can be used to create your own customized system to complete systems.


Self-monitoring means you need to be with your smartphone wherever you go and that if you sleep through an alert, it means you won’t know anything until the next morning. It also means you are the one who decides when to dial 911 based on what you have seen on your smartphone.

Self Monitoring Is Not for Everyone

Generally if you’re going to protect your home from being broken into, you’re going to need a lot of sensors. A big part of why most security companies wrap their service in a contract is so you don’t have to pay for your entire system all at once. In fact, Protect America will give you up to $1400 worth of free equipment right out of the gate. On top of leaving yourself vulnerable by not having enough equipment, you are also are responsible for monitoring your system 24 hours a day. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a good way to achieve peace of mind to me.

Complete System

If your apartment or house is averagely small, you may opt for these single-device security systems. They are very simple to set up and can provide video streaming while monitoring sound, humidity, temperature, and motion. This system provides both wired and wireless. If you have electricity and full-time internet connection you are free to choose a device that works with the internet connection. The choice is utterly yours. Some examples of complete systems include:


This device is a professional  monitor consisting of :

  • An entry sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • keychain remote
  • Base station
  • Wireless keypad

The implicit is additional and works without a monitoring plan. It streams in videos to your smartphone device and can even distinguish human shapes.

Iris by Lowe’s

Iris combines security with sensors and alerts the homeowners through push notifications or phone calls. This system is easy to install and the basic DIY systems are very impressive


iSmartAlarm is one of the best smart home self-monitoring security system. It works with both Android and iPhone apps. It sends its notifications through text messages, push notifications, emails and via phone calls.

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung not only speaks quality, but also performance. This home security is an example that offers customizable sensors, secure connectivity and flexibility, and also comes with a remote control.


The piper security systems are worth considering due to their excellent video surveillance. They provide a state-of-the-art equipment which is multi-functional.

Individual Device Options

These devices come in parts according to your needs ranging from Nest Cams, Ring Doorbell, Spot and Floodlight Cams which comes with their own optional alarm sensors. Wired or wireless both are available and optional. Batteries generally last around two years and outdoor weatherproof options are also available. A good example of an individual device option is Mace Wireless which has everything optional like if you would want to keep your eye on specific places in your home, like an outdoor siren, then Mace Wireless is the best for you.


Interested in a self-monitored security system? We care so much about you and your home’s safety. Contact Protect America today and get a free quote.