Sentry Security Incorporated is a home security company that has been serving the greater Chicago area since 1985. They are a local, independent company dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing high-quality products. However, the same high-quality products and excellent customer service can be found elsewhere for a much more affordable price! Protect America believes that home security should be affordable. Consider a home security company with a wider range of service, lower prices, and your long term security in mind. 


Sentry Cost and Package Details

At Sentry Security, monthly monitoring costs about $35 a month for 36 months with their 3-year contracts. The estimated up-front cost to get your system up and running is about $600 in out-of-pocket fees. That’s fairly high in our opinion. For a more affordable home security option, Protect America will monitor your home for as low as $19.99 a month. Our contracts are also 36-months. However, with purchase of monthly monitoring, you will receive all your start up equipment free from Protect America.

In their base package, Sentry Security includes:

  • one control panel
  • a key fob
  • three door sensors
  • a motion sensor

That’s not a lot for over $600 in fees. Protect America’s base package includes the same plus some stickers and yard signs, except Protect America provides all of this equipment for free with purchase of monthly monitoring. Let’s break down the cost of what you might spend at each company over the course of the 3-year contract period. At Sentry Security, if you paid the $35 a month for 36 months plus the $600 in start-up fees, you will have spent exactly $1,860. This is of course, if you do not add any additional equipment or have any issues that require service calls. Additionally, if you want to extend their very short warranty, it will cost you even more. At Protect America, you would spend only $719.64 for 3 entire years of monitoring at $19.99. Since you have a lifetime warranty, and no equipment or installation fees…it is quite a difference.

Warranty Warning

A downside to Sentry’s basic package is that it only provides a one year parts and labor warranty. Since the contract is a minimum of three years, customers will be without coverage on their system for several years unless they pay a monthly service fee to extend the warranty. Also, it is a bit unfortunate that they require both full payment of the equipment upfront and a multi-year contract. Typically, if a company demands that customers pay for the system in full they will provide some flexibility on the contract length; however, Sentry does not provide this option.


Your Solution

Consider Protect America, a home security company that will protect your home and your wallet. Protect America aims to give you the most affordable technology possible. We’re so confident that our current promotions are the best price available online for wireless home security systems, we’re willing to put money on it to back our claim. If you find a lower price for the same amount of wireless home security systems as we offered, we’ll match the price. You’ll get a lifetime warranty as well as a locked in rate. Protect America can offer you the reliability of a professional security system while still maintaining the simplicity and affordability of a DIY system. Call us today!