Home security is a topic of conversation that most people aren’t comfortable wading into. The reasons are varied but largely focus on the fact that most people simply don’t know how to approach securing their property. For a long time, home security systems were considered something reserved for expansive households for the rich and famous. The simple truth is that most people didn’t think that they needed a system of their own. Crime statistics put together by the FBI, which we will go into later, paint a far different picture. Fortunately for our readers, companies like Shield Security Systems are ready to leap into action in order to provide affordable home security.


Secure Your Home With Shield Security Systems

At Shield Security Systems, the focus is on designing and providing a security system that will meet and exceed all standards. This means that Shield Security Systems is focused on providing customers with personalized systems that meet their needs without breaking the bank. How do they accomplish this task? Let’s look at what goes into putting together a Shield Security System.

According to statistics compiled by the F.B.I., burglaries are broken up into three categories: forcible entry, unlawful entry and attempted forcible entry. Forcible entry makes up the overwhelming number of reports at 58.3%.

The process for getting a personalized security system through Shield Security Systems is pretty simple, actually. All potential customers need to do is call in and provide the appropriate information. This entails talking about:

  • Property Size – Square footage, number of rooms, indoor/outdoor needs.
  • Network Type – WiFi, Landline, 3G, ZigBee and so on.
  • Special Needs – Night Vision, 4K video quality and so on.

After a Shield Security System representative is able to use this information, they will personalize an estimate and a security system that should meet the needs of the caller. Once this is done, potential customers can schedule a quick and easy installation process that includes a professional monitoring plan. Simple enough, right?

Outfitting Your Home Security System

We sort of glossed over the larger needs when it comes to developing a home security system, but there is a lot to discuss in actuality. While we managed to reduce the entire process to a small three-point bullet list, there is more information that we are going to need in order to make a smart decision for our home security. Let’s dig a little deeper into that discussion.

Audio/Visual Quality – First up on our discussion board is audio/visual quality. We are living in the unbridled age of technological expansion. We can have video quality for security systems starting as low as 420p and going as high as 4k. The higher the video quality, the more detail that will be captured.

Smart Home Integration – Next, we want to talk about smart home integration. Smart home integration means being able to operate your system without actively needing to perform many of the security measures. Shield Security System offers mobile control via their applications which is perfect for the smart home revolution.


Find The RIGHT Home Security System Today!

While there are countless different security systems available for purchase, there are only a few companies in the industry that are making great strides each and every day. Among the fastest growing companies in the home security industry is the team at Protect America. Protect America was founded in 1992 with the sole goal of creating a DIY home security system that was both affordable and effective.

For the past 20+ years, Protect America has been assisting customers in getting their security systems locked into place. Now, customers can call in to Protect America in order to get an instant free quote on a personalized home set up! Protect America offers price matching with their competitors and they also offer no-fee installation assistance services! Sounds pretty good, right? Call Protect America today for a discussion on an affordable and effective security system!